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How does Energy Healing work

by Christina Cherry

Can we access Energy Healing for ourselves?

What does Energy Healing do? Energy healing therapies focus on removing congestion that forms in our energetic circulatory system. This is our energy centres (chakras), our pathways of energy flow (meridians) and our energy field (aura). This congestion, or energetic … Continue reading

meditation for stress relief at work

by Christina Cherry

Meditation for stress relief and better health

What are the benefits of meditation? Meditation for stress relief  is extremely effective, and moreover it’s FREE and can be done practically anywhere. The mind never stops thinking, analyzing, and trying to figure things out – a person has about … Continue reading

Learn to love yourself

by Christina Cherry

Self-Love and Self-Esteem – why is it important?

Why should we love ourselves? Isn’t self-love egotistical? Weren’t we taught to put others first? Self-love is very important because you must first be able to love yourself in order to truly be able to love other people. If you … Continue reading

What is a Spirit Guide and how does a drawing help?

26/04/2016 by | 4 Comments

What is a Spirit Guide?

Christina Cherry Art Angelic Spirit GuideMy understanding is that all Spirit Guides are representations of our own Inner Being or Core Self. This is the much vaster part of us in spirit that is our true essence and life force. The Inner Being chooses to show itself with a particular physical image to get us to pay attention. It wants us to work with the guide to deepen our connection to the Inner Being itself so we can have better communication and guidance. When our Inner Being speaks to us in our heads, it sounds very much like our own thoughts so it can be quite difficult to discern the difference. The Inner Being can give us a visual image or a particular feeling, or even smell, to make us aware of the guide. Then when the guide gives us a message, we are much more likely to pay attention.

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