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How does Energy Healing work
How does Energy Healing work

Can we access energy healing for ourselves?


Can we access energy healing for ourselves or do we always have to go to a trained energy healer? This explains how healing works and how you can start to tune in to that energy for yourself.

What does Energy Healing do?

Energy healing therapies focus on removing congestion that forms in our energetic circulatory system. This is our energy centres (chakras), our pathways of energy flow (meridians) and our energy field (aura). This congestion, or energetic ‘sludge’, builds up as a result of the stresses of life. Also because of our human tendency to focus on negative emotions and negative thinking, rather than on the positives in our lives. The healing energy must first of all clear the meridians so it can then flow through the body. A fast car can’t drive on a broken road, so the road needs to be fixed first. It’s the same with energy.

Once these imbalances and blocks are cleared, these energy channels are better able to carry out their job of integrating the body, mind and spirit to restore health and promote wellbeing. Furthermore the channels are then better able to flow the life force energy from our Inner Being to improve our health and wellbeing. Restoring balance to disturbances in the energy field also helps prevent future health challenges from developing. Read more about What creates illness.

A study at the University of Arizona in 2013 found that 10 minutes of energy healing (in this case Reconnective Healing and Reiki) was as effective as physical therapy in improving the range of motion in a group of people with mobility issues.

How does the energy flow in a healing session?

When a sick person comes to an energy healer, the connection to their own Inner Being is opened up fully for the duration of the session. The Inner Being is your core spiritual non-physical self that is your life force and the source of your joy.

The healer has learned how to access higher vibrational energies for healing during their training and practice. So it’s the flow of healing which the energy healer is able to access which temporarily expands the recipient’s connection so they can receive the healing energy. The flow of faster vibrational energy then enables the body to regenerate itself. All bodies are capable of regeneration, but they need fast energy for it.

But it’s very important to also explain to the person being healed that whatever thought-forms they are creating determine whether they will stay healthy afterwards.  (A thought-form is a thought that is often repeated and believed.) If they quickly return to negative thinking and focusing on their problems rather than what makes them happy, they will start to lose the benefits of the healing. Therefore a change in their thinking is also often required. Read more tips to help change the focus away from illness and towards health in Change your negatives to positives

Can we access this healing energy for ourselves?

Bedfordshire Energy Healing/Energy HealerThe simplest way to access healing energy for yourself is to expand your connection to your own Inner Being. This will increase the flow of wellbeing your body is able to receive.

A positive attitude and excitement allows more energy from the Inner Being to flow into your body.  However, the quickest and easiest way to get happy and increase the flow of wellbeing is laughter.  Because it instantly raises your vibration and allows higher energies to flow into you.  One minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.

Other important factors in a person’s ability to access the healing energy of their Inner Being are self-love and the ability to relax. If you are unable to love and appreciate yourself, it creates a gap between you and your Core Spiritual Self which loves you unconditionally.

There’s nothing selfish about being nicer to yourself – your self-compassion will naturally be mirrored in your behaviour towards others. If you stop being judgmental and critical of yourself and just feel more relaxed instead, your world, and your health, will change for the better. With practice you’ll find it easier to step into a relaxed state more often. Read more about the Importance of self-love and self-esteem.

Find your inner peace

If you want to develop a constant state of greater connection to that flow of life force, then meditation is the key. There are many ways to do this. But you don’t have to sit in a lotus position and chant ‘Om’.

You can learn to still your mind by listening to a guided meditation. Meditation allows a greater connection to open with the spiritual part of you. You could start with the many free guided meditations on YouTube. When you become practised at this method, you can learn simple techniques. One example is focusing on the breath to allow yourself to fall into the meditative state of connectedness.

How can we focus this energy for self-healing?

Simply placing your hands on your belly when you have a stomach ache is a form of self-healing. Everyone is able to access healing energy if they have the desire and focus to do so. In fact some individuals have discovered they have natural healing ability without ever taking any training. However, the easiest way for most people is to attend some form of training in a healing modality such as Reiki, or Access Consciousness Bars. Once you learn the route to access the energy, it is always there for you.

With Reconnective Healing, many people have been able to access the healing energy of it simply from reading the book The Reconnection by Eric Pearl. In the back of the book he explains how to feel for the energy yourself and then learn to work with it for personal healing.

So, in conclusion, to access a greater flow of wellbeing and healing energy from your own core self:

  • work on your self-love and value yourself more,
  • focus on the positives in your life and find things to laugh about often,
  • make time relax and do things you enjoy,
  • Finally learn to meditate – it’s free, you can do it anywhere (well maybe not while driving!). And when you do it regularly, the benefits to your health and wellbeing are huge.

If you want to go further with healing, take some training as an energy healer. You can take a course in the form of energy healing you feel most drawn to.

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