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What is Usui Reiki and how does Reiki help?

You may have already heard of Usui Reiki Healing, and have maybe experienced it for yourself as it’s a holistic therapy which has become widely known. The medical profession is now recognising its benefits and GP practices and hospitals often offer Reiki healing to patients. This is a form of healing which works very well alongside conventional medical therapies. It’s a drug-free alternative which also helps to relieve side effects of conventional medicine and speed up recovery.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful form of energy healing of Japanese origin. As with the other forms of healing I offer, it can help with physical illness, disease or injury; such as reducing inflammation, minimizing pain and promoting recovery. If you have cardio-vascular or endocrine related issues, you may find Reiki particularly effective. It can also help with emotional and mental issues, relieving stress, boosting energy and bringing feelings of peace and well-being. Feeling the Reiki energy flowing through your body can be a wonderful experience.

People of any age, including children, can receive Reiki healing. It works by bringing the body, emotions, mind and spirit back into balance so that the person can heal themselves. Usui Reiki works equally effectively with hands on the body or hands off. I offer Reiki sessions in person at my Bedfordshire Treatment room or by Distance Reiki Healing.

Reiki Master training

I trained in Reiki 1 in 2003 and have been a Usui Reiki Master since 2007. I have been a Reiki practitioner in Bedfordshire since 2010. Although I began my healing path as a Reiki Master, most of the testimonials you will find on this website relate to Access Consciousness Bars, Reconnective Healing, and Turquoise Healing Tones. Since these are the healing techniques I have worked with mostly in recent years and which my clients have found most effective.

If you are unsure which form of healing would suit you best, we can discuss this when you come for your session. Or if you wish, I can flow a combination of healing energies in the session, working intuitively.

Usui Reiki is also available combined with Sound Healing for no extra charge.