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change your negatives to positives

Change your negatives to positives


How can you change your negatives to positives by simply altering your thinking?

You may have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’. You may be aware of the teachings of Abraham Hicks or the book, The Secret, but what does it actually mean and how do you get it work for you?

The Law of Attraction basically means ‘like attracts like’. In other words you attract everything, both good and bad, into your own life by your emotional state of mind and what you choose to focus on. You judge something to be good when it matches what you want and say it’s bad when it is not what you want.  So the first important thing is all experience is good – the ‘bad’ offers experience and opportunity to understand better what you really do want. All wanting causes expansion, this is how we and our universe continually evolve and expand.  Wanting is a thought-form that has momentum. A thought-form is a thought which is repeated many times and believed. So how do you use it to change your negatives to positives?

Law of Attraction; Tools for happinessThe key to attracting what you do want into your reality is to always choose to think of, and already feel, the happy state you will be in when what you want has arrived. You need to feel that joy NOW. Because if you see it in the future, that’s where it will stay – in the future. And the more energy you can put into that feeling, the sooner it will manifest in reality. So the more joy you feel when you think of what you want, the sooner it will arrive.

What else can you do to attract more positives in your life?

It helps to appreciate what you have already, as that emotional state manifests more things that you will appreciate.  When you feel gratitude, the feel-good hormones dopamine and seratonin are released in the body. So that boosts your mood, and when you’re feeling good you’re a match to attracting new positive experiences that make you feel good.

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.”  Oprah Winfrey

You shouldn’t choose to create your dominant thought-forms from fear of a bad experience. Like attracts like and it’s your own thought-forms that bring everything into your life. So whether you are focusing on good or bad, wanted or unwanted, that is what you will attract into your experience.

Pay attention to your thinking

Understand that it’s your own predominant thoughts and emotions that are responsible for attracting both negatives and positives into your life.

People often say: “This or that person is making my life difficult.” But blaming others means you’re not taking responsibility for what you are consciously creating in your life by your predominant thoughts and Emotional Set Point (average of your emotional highs and lows). The fact is, no other person can manifest in anyone else’s life, only the person for themselves.  All experiences come from the person’s own thought-forms. That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about.

You might have 9 wanted, happy things in your life and one thing you don’t like or want. But the nature of the human mind means you will often continue to focus predominantly on the one unwanted thing.  So then the vibrations of the 9 things you’re happy about will also start to change to the less wanted, and they will start to not go so well.

However, the opposite also applies. yo you might have 9 big things in your life that aren’t going well, and 1 thing you like that is going really well.  If you choose to think about the 1 thing that’s going well in every moment you can, you’re happy – and your dominant energy and emotional set point changes for the better. The happy vibration gives the thought-form big momentum. So the 9 unwanted things that weren’t going well must start to change to become things you do want and like better, because they no longer fit with the energy of your current happy vibration.

Positive thinking, value yourself

A practical example of how you can change your negatives to positives

Change your negatives to positives

So imagine thoughts were food – if you taste something bad, you should spit it out or swallow quickly to get rid of it. It’s important not to think about it.  If you taste something good, you should deliberately choose to savour it and make it last. You should remember the good taste, and then think for many moments of the memory of the good taste. This gives momentum to the positive thought-forms.

So when something you don’t want happens, don’t think of it or dwell on it, just think of a different ‘nice taste’.  It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking about, only that it’s something that makes you feel good, not bad. So you create momentum around positive thought-forms rather than negative ones. If you become aware of a negative thought, flick it off as if a cinder from a fire had landed on you. If you flick it off straight away, no problem, if you leave it there it will ‘burn a hole’.

Exercise in focusing on what you want to attract more positives in your life

Just before you fall asleep is a particularly significant time for manifesting, as you are already starting to flow with your subconscious. So as you are falling asleep each night, bring to mind 5 things that have happened that day that have made you happy or you have liked. However small they may be to begin with, it’s an important step back to positive thinking. Do it regularly and soon you will be thinking of 10 things that day that you have liked. When you do it before sleeping, it means you go into sleep feeling that happy vibration.

When you have become practised at this you will notice that you are feeling happier most of the time. Your mood will less often be swayed into negativity by things that you dislike.  It usually takes daily practice for more than a month to change the negative habits of a lifetime, so be patient. You will also find you start to notice more things during your day to appreciate, which also helps your energy vibration become more positive.

The next step – self appreciation

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”  – Buddha

When you are happier most of the time, you can extend the exercise. Think instead each night of 5 things that you have done that day that you are pleased about.  When you start to appreciate yourself, this begins to change your core vibration to one of consistent happiness. You will then attract more experiences that will make you happy. Read about The Importance of self-love and self-esteem

Change worrying to giving positive energy to it instead

positive thinking

When something is bothering you, it’s a tendency of the human brain to worry about it. But worrying is like paying interest on a debt you might never owe. It’s also giving negative energy to the situation or possible future event. That’s because whatever you are thinking and focusing your energy and attention on most of the time is what you attract into your next experience.

So when you notice yourself worrying about something, flip it instead to visualising positive outcomes and feeling those positives as if it’s happening in the NOW. That way you send positive energy to manifesting the thing you want in your life. You can step into the future situation where the current issue is completely resolved, but feel that happy resolved situation as if it’s happening in the NOW. That draws the energy of the solution to you.

Worrying about someone else

For example, if you’re worrying about another person, see them instead surrounded by lovely healing light, in whatever colours feel right to you. SEE them being happy and healthy as if it’s in the NOW. And FEEL it as if it’s happening in the now.

It’s hard to manifest for another person than yourself, because where their own energy and thoughts are at is the predominant factor. But by doing the above, you give positive energy to the whole situation rather than give negative energy to it by your worrying. And if you visualise healing light around someone, you’re sending healing to them.

Act on the things you can change

When facing a particular challenge, decide what is your best happiest path through the difficulty, and then take action towards it. Then make peace with it and get back to focusing on the things you like in your life to amplify that positive energy.  Read more tips on Dealing with challenges.

How much better would your life be if you stopped worrying about things you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can change? So start today, let go of worry, focus on the things you like often and take small steps now in the direction of your dreams.

How long does it take to see changes?

So how long must we think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts before we start to attract the things we wish for? Wrong question – it’s not a question of time, only momentum. The amount of momentum in the thought-form governs how quickly the thing you want manifests. How often you think about it, how happy and positive you feel about it draws it towards you. But, equally, how often you doubt it will ever happen pushes it away.  If you think “it hasn’t come yet, it’ll never come, I can’t make this attraction thing work for me”; you are right because your doubting, negative thought-form means only the unwanted can manifest.

So savour the good experiences, ignore the bad experiences and choose to keep feeling the joy of already having what you desire in life. You can use these tools to create the life that you want.

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