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the experience of dying
the experience of dying

The experience of dying


There is a lot of fear about death and differing views on what happens in the experience of dying. Some people believe they have died and come back and have described their near death experiences. My understanding of the experience of dying comes from my numerous conversations with someone who has experienced it first-hand.

This is the second of 3 posts on the subject of Transition or Death. The first deals with What happens when we dieThis posts deals with the actual event, The experience of dying. The third deals with Communication with the dead.

Robert Hughes died in the Battle of the Somme. He spoke via his medium in full trance during 2012 to 2014. Robert gave lots of details of his family and his life in Colwyn Bay. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace his records and confirm all the personal information he had given. Robert spoke, not with the wisdom of a 19 year old who died 100 years ago, but with the wisdom of what he described as his Inner Being.

The Inner Being or Core Self

Robert explained that the Inner Being is the non-physical core self, our soul essence which gives us our life force energy for the duration of our life on earth as a physical being. He said that it is our Inner Being who has experienced all the multiple earthly incarnations that we refer to as past lives. The energy that comprises us in our physical form is just one fragment of that bigger whole self. Some people may refer to this as the Higher Self, but Robert wasn’t keen on that term as he said it implied superiority.

levels of consciousnessHe used the analogy of nesting Russian dolls to explain that we are like the smallest solid doll, the physical person. The next doll that fits around it is our Inner Being, which is the ‘mother’ energy to us. It’s the mother energy that manifested us as a physical being. But then our Inner Being has its own mother energy – the Inner Being which it emerged from. This is represented by the next biggest doll in the sequence, and so it goes on through the higher layers of consciousness. In this analogy, the bigger the Russian doll in the sequence, the faster is the energy vibration of the Inner Being it represents. Read more about the Inner Being here.

What are near death experiences?

When people have near death experiences, they often report seeing themselves going towards the light. This is a perception due to the closing down of the physical body. Neurons fire fast in the head, much faster than usual. The faster energy looks like light to our minds because it’s bigger, faster energy than we have known before. The Inner Being uses faster energy on transition to reabsorb all the energy quickly from the physical human.

death experienceOften people report having a kind of life review. When someone has a near death experience, they become keenly aware of the Inner Being’s energy at that time. So the Inner Being is able to communicate with them clearly and it makes the most of that opportunity. It has the opportunity to show what is wanted and what is not wanted from life. And as it’s such a powerful experience, the person pays attention. So when they recover and go on with their life, they can make the changes that the Inner Being suggested. It helps them and the Inner Being to get the most benefit from this life experience.

When the actual transition happens, there is no need for a life review because there will be no more physical life experiences. There is no need for any review or judgement because the Inner Being has been experiencing everything as it happened.

Adjusting to the Inner Being’s level of awareness after death

Our feelings and emotions come from the Inner Being. But we, as the physical fragment that is here in this earth environment, are a creative being who has many, many thoughts in each moment. At the instant we think them, they re-emerge back into our Inner Being. Each of your thoughts will exist in your Inner Being always. What’s more, your Inner Being’s own Inner Being also becomes aware of all these thoughts; as do all the other Inner Beings that it is the ‘mother’ of.

Therefore it can be that hundreds of Inner Beings are each aware of all the thoughts that you have thought. They know the things that you have seen and experienced. So at the moment when you re-emerge into your Inner Being when you die, you are suddenly aware of all of those at once. All of those thoughts and all of those emotions that you have experienced here. You can feel them all at once. This is because you are no longer focused as one being in this earth environment. You are then that piece of your energy that is no longer focused in the physical plane. You are energy focused back within your Inner Being. So you can sense all of the thoughts that it has, every thought and all of the emotions that it has ever felt.

Awareness from multiple perspectives during the experience of dying

Robert explained that this can be a difficult part of the experience of dying. Because the first thing that you do, is you realise that, yes, you can feel your own thoughts when you are back in your Inner Being, your energy ‘mother’. But that Inner Being communicates every moment with hundreds of hundreds of other Inner Beings at its energy level. This is in the same way you would communicate with your friends here in the physical plane. The difference is you might communicate with hundreds of your friends here, but only one at a time.

However, that is not the case when you are back in your Inner Being. Your Inner Being communicates with hundreds and hundreds of other beings in every moment. And that can feel quite overwhelming at first. Because the moment that you focus a piece of your energy on a thought, or a memory of your physical self, you would not only feel the feeling and think the thought that you had here. You would also experience the feeling and the thoughts of all the Inner Beings who were a part of that memory.

Robert explained that this is the hardest part of transition. You are re-experiencing some of the activities that you may think are fine now. They are normal here. But then when you re-emerge into your Inner Being, you experience again that activity with other Inner Beings who also experienced that action at the same moment that you did. They may have experienced completely different views of that activity. Rather than just views, they may have sometimes felt grief from it. Although here in this earth environment you may not have been aware of this at all.

No judgement after death

It’s not a question of judgement of our earthly activities after death. Our Inner Beings experience and assimilate all of our actions as they happen. Rather it’s a greatly increased awareness of the impact our actions have had on others. It’s a very strong realisation of how we are all inter-connected. That we are all one energy.

But then you get used to that level of awareness. Then when you are used to it, the transition experience has passed for that fragment that is you. You are then in the normal, blissful state of awareness of your Inner Being.

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