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Higher Self or Inner Being
Higher Self or Inner Being

Get to know your Inner Being

What is an Inner Being?

Your Inner Being is your core spiritual nature, your non-physical inner self which is infinite. When you’ve had moments of ecstasy in your life, that’s when you’ve been fully flowing your Inner Being. Wouldn’t you like more of that?

When you learn to really fully flow the energy of your Inner Being, or core self, you feel on top of the world. It feels like the very best part of you, your natural joy, unhampered by the mental and emotional hangs ups that  develop as a result of your human life experiences. Learn how you can do this below.

An Inner Being is the source of the life force within every human and every living thing. It’s the  indivdual consciousness within each human. Each Inner Being is a consciousness that has no physical form itself.  It manifests its energy into humans, or other creatures, to have an experience on earth for its learning and development.

Inner Being showing itself in visual form

Inner Being as a spirit guideYou might already call this part of you your higher self, or soul essence. You might have already developed a personal relationship with your Inner Being under the guise of a trusted spirit guide. Or you might perceive it as an angelic energy. Inner Beings often show themselves in a form that they know will resonate and be trusted by their human incarnations – that’s us. You’re more likely to pay attention if you think an angel is talking to you, rather than a quiet wise voice within you.

The Inner Being knows us better than we know ourselves, because it’s the true essence of us. It is neither male nor female and is the culmination of the experiences of all the incarnations it has had. Our inner self loves every aspect of us – in joy and in sadness, in everything we have experienced.

Why do Inner Beings manifest here?

Experiencing diversity of life through us is a big part of an Inner Being’s learning and development. And everything we have ever experienced or thought will forever be part of our Inner Being, which is infinite.

The consciousness that is our Inner Being has a fast vibration in wave-form, not physical particle form. Therefore it is not able to manifest directly in this earth environment. It wants to have varied experiences on the earth to grow and learn. So it projects a small part of itself into this environment in physical form into a human body. All life on earth needs physical form, that’s why the Inner Being manifests a flow of its energy into our physical body for the duration of our life.

Do we have free will?

Experienced Inner Beings can sustain many humans at once. So your Inner Being will also flow its life force energy into other humans in other places on Earth. However you are unlikely to ever meet one, it would serve no purpose. They usually choose to manifest across a wide range of geographical and social/economic conditions to have the best probability of a wide variety of experiences.

Probability, because the actual experiences are driven by human choices, not the Inner Beings. Your soul essence has chosen to manifest into a particular place and time, but your life plan is not written; you determine your life as you live it. It’s the human part that does all the choosing in this physical world.

The Inner Being can only try to influence its human incarnation by flowing emotions to guide it. If the human is spiritually and emotionally open enough to perceive the intuitive guidance, the Inner Being can have more positive influence to help the human develop a more balanced perspective, and flow more joy. When the connection to the soul essence from the human end is limited, the person will tend to be led by the ‘monkey mind’, driven by emotions of fear, lack and competition. Learn more about the Monkey Mind

The energy continuum of Inner Beings

Soul essence - Inner Being levels of consciousnessOne simplified analogy to help our understanding is to show the layers of consciousness like a set of Russian dolls. The physical human is the smallest solid doll. The Inner Beings, the non-physical continuum of its source energy, are represented by the hollow dolls. The human’s Inner Being is at the 1st layer or level of hollow doll – non-physical energy. And the first level Inner Being has its own Inner Being which exists at a higher vibrational level. We can call this level 2 for ease of understanding (the next bigger hollow doll). And that level 2 Inner Being has its own level 3 Inner Being and so it goes on through the layers or levels of higher consciousness.

Interconnectedness and equality

The layers or levels are not intended to suggest any kind of hierarchy. This is just a way to denote the speed of vibration of a consciousness at a point in time. The whole continuum of the energy of all Inner Beings is part of one universal consciousness. The more experience an Inner Being has, the more energy it has and the faster its vibration.

But an Inner Being with vast experience and a fast vibration could still choose to keep a lot of its energy at level 1, for example, if it wants to have lots of physical manifestations on earth. It’s a choice to move to another ‘higher’ level, when an Inner Being has enough energy, it’s not a natural automatic progression. Nor is it any kind of ‘promotion’ for an Inner Being to move to a higher level. All levels are equally important. In reality, there is overlap between the levels and some consciousnesses choose to span more than one level.

The levels or layers are like the cogs in a clock. Some spin fast, some slow, but all must spin for the clock to work. All are equally important. So Inner Beings are no more important than humans. We influence our physical environment (Earth), they influence the non-physical environment. The non-physical part of our being exists in waveform, the physical part – us – exists as particle form.

Tree analogy

Nature of Inner BeingsAnother way of explaining the continuum of an Inner Being’s consciousness is to look upon it like a tree. The tree trunk is the core faster vibrational, higher ‘level’ energy of the Inner Being. It’s flowing source energy and branching out into boughs, then branches, then twigs, which each represent the other Inner Beings at the different layers or levels in the continuum.

Then finally the tree produces leaves at the tip of the smallest twigs, all facing in different directions. The leaves are like humans, manifested in many different locations for a diverse experience. Trees are dependent on photosynthesis in the leaves to give much needed food. In a similar way, the diversity of experience of humans is driving the energy of the whole. It’s going back through the twigs, the first level Inner Beings, then through the branches, the second level Inner Beings, then the boughs and so on, feeding back to the one energy. 

Furthermore, there are many many different types of tree, and all the trees are feeding energy back to the ONE SOURCE. And all individual consciousnesses are all projected energy from this single source. So its an energy cycle. In each moment of our lives, full awareness of our consciousness flows back to the ONE SOURCE via the chain of Inner Beings.

What is our life purpose?

The life purpose of a human has two aspects. Firstly to use our free will and judgement to deliberately attract what we choose in each moment. So we experience life fully, with all of its joys, frustrations and fears. All experiences, both achievements and failures, enrich the Inner Being – much like the glucose from the photosynthesis in the analogy above. And this consequently enriches the Inner Being’s Inner Being at the next level, and its Inner Being etc.

Therefore all our experiences contribute to the ongoing evolution of consciousness. Consciousness is, and will always be, evolving  – “ever becoming, never done”. The second part of our role is to influence our physical environment (Earth) and the beings (humans/animals) which share it with us.

How do humans fit into the Collective Consciousness?

Consciousness is a ‘system’ of billions of linked parts (you and I, our Inner Beings, their Inner Beings and so on). Each has its own experiences, but all experiences flow to drive the growth and development of the whole.  So every incarnation is a partnership between the human part and the vaster, non-physical self. The non-physical self exists as a continuum of layers of consciousness of different vibrational levels.

Only the Inner Self can flow energy to its human part. It’s not possible for another consciousness to flow to them. In clairvoyance, it’s the Inner Beings who pass messages to the Inner Being of the medium. The medium’s own Inner Being then flows the message to the medium to be passed on.

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How improve your connection to your Inner Being?

Your Inner Being can flow more of its energy into you when you are happy. And that, in turn, leads to even greater joy. Being happy raises your own vibration so you are able to receive more of the flow. The easiest and quickest way to get yourself into a happy place is to find something to laugh at! Learn more in Change Your Negatives to Positives,  The Health Benefits of Laughter and Improve your Emotional Set Point 

Sit with your Inner BeingThe best way to strengthen your connection to your Inner Being is to sit with it each day in quiet meditation. Let your Inner Being show you its truth. You won’t find the truth in any book or any one religion. It can’t be written in any one book because it’s ‘ever-becoming’ – always evolving. You can learn to know your inner self as that wiser, more experienced part of you. Start to become aware of that inner voice, your ‘gut feeling’, and listen to what it’s telling you. It’s your own in-built inner guidance system. It feels more like the gentle voice of your heart rather than the shouty voice of your head.

Many people never get to know their inner self as they never meditate. Meditation is an excellent way to grow your ‘pipe’ to your Inner Being, your soul essence, from your side. The best way to meditate is to simply connect to your soul essence (no music or images). However, if you aren’t used to meditating, you might need to use a guided visualisation to help you in the beginning (there are many available for free on Youtube or Apps such as The best time to meditate is before sleep. When you go asleep with conscious connection to your Inner Being, it leaves your conscious mind in a state where it is easier for your inner self to work with you through the night. Read more about Meditation for stress relief and better health.

What happens if we don’t have a good connection with our Core Self?

Prolonged negative thinking and low mood can cause the connection to the Inner Being to become pinched off. So the flow of energy is not fast enough. Then the ore self can’t get through enough life force energy to sustain the physical body properly for optimum health. Therefore, over time, illnesses can develop. Learn how to Free yourself from negative thinking.

Those who don’t have a good connection to their Core Self tend to operate very much from the monkey mind, operating from fear of lack and perceived competition with others. This can lead to a state of perpetual anxiety. When you feel cut off from your core joy, you can feel a gap. You  feel lost and perpetually searching for something, when that something is actually flowing inside you, if you would only open up to it.

When you develop a bigger, stronger pipe to the Inner Being you have a better balance of judgement. Those with a strong pipe to their inner self are usually more positive and not fearful.

Also, when you don’t take regular exercise, stagnant energy builds up in your energetic pathways. So your body is less able to receive a faster flow of the energy from your inner self. Taking more exercise speeds up your metabolism, so you are then better able to receive the full flow of life force energy.  Read more about What creates Illness

Tonal Alignment

A very effective way to expand your connection to your Ico self is to have the Tonal Alignment.  This is a two-part spiritual activation which firstly helps to clear your body’s energetic pathways of the ‘sludge’ that has built up from difficult life experiences, low mood and lack of exercise. Secondly it enables your Core Self to flow energy into you more effectively, to speed up your vibration and raise your awareness.

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My understanding of Inner Beings came from direct communication with the Inner Being of Robert Hughes, who died in World War I. Robert spoke via trance channelling through his medium from 2012 to 2014.  Robert also gave lots of personal details about his family and his life in Colwyn Bay. Importantly, he gave his army number and we were able to trace his records and confirm all the personal information he had shared.

Learn more about Robert Hughes’ life and the messages he shared here:  

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