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Spiritual Growth

Are you in a good place in life, but are searching for something more? Are you looking for a deeper meaning to your life experience, wanting a stronger sense of connection or just to feel progress on your spiritual journey? The spiritual activation and energy healing therapies below can help you to achieve a deeper connection with your Inner Being, the source of your life force energy, your wider consciousness.

The Tonal Alignment spiritual activation

A powerful 2 part activation combined with harmonic sound to move you forward on your spiritual path. Helps to expand your connection with your inner, non-physical self. For greater wellbeing and spiritual guidance. Clears your energy meridians so that faster vibrational energy can flow to you from your Inner Being, your spiritual self. I give tools and guidance to help you get the most from this powerful process. More

The energy healing therapies below all help in different ways with spiritual growth and expansion of the connection to your Inner Being, your core spiritual self.

Access Consciousness Bars

A key part of Access Bars is helping you release limiting thinking, negative emotions, stress & tension. It helps to clear negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. So you can move forward with your life. However, many clients also report blissful feelings of connectedness during a Bars session. Feeling a connection to something they’ve never experienced before, their Inner Being. More

Turquoise Healing Tones

Unique energy healing enhanced by powerful harmonic vocal sound. Helps to dissipate blocked energy and so clear your energetic highways of stagnant energy, so that faster energy can flow. Connects you to a broader spectrum of faster vibrational healing energy. I will send you a recording so you can continue the healing at home. More

Reconnective Healing

A non-contact energy therapy. Palpable energy frequencies restore balance in your physical and energy bodies. It also helps with spiritual growth by expanding your connection to your inner, nn-physical self. More

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