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Reconnective Healing

What is Reconnective Healing?

It’s a comprehensive spectrum of powerful healing energies working on light waves. It doesn’t require physical contact. However these are very palpable energy frequencies and during sessions clients often feel physical sensations in several areas of the body at the same time. It’s also very effective by remote healing.

If you like the idea of a natural healing therapy that has lots of scientific evidence, then Reconnective Healing might be just what you need. Double-blind tests in science labs have shown that there is something real happening here. See Reconnection Science for results of the international scientific research.

What kind of things can Reconnective Healing help with?

There is no limit to the ways in which this natural healing therapy can prove effective. While a Reconnective Healer cannot guarantee specific outcomes, this energy therapy has had results with many serious afflictions. It also helps with faster recovery from injury or surgery, relief from fears, anxiety or depression, emotional clarity, increased energy and overall well being.

It’s also very effective at helping you expand your spiritual connection with your Inner Being.

As this is hands-off healing it can be particularly appropriate for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who don’t like physical touch. Since I became a Reconnective Healing therapist in 2007, I have seen clients heal from many different physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Research into Reconnective Therapy

Effects of Reconnective Healing

Many scientific studies have been done into Reconnective Healing. Amazing results have been achieved in research with Olympic athletes in Russia. Results suggest enhanced physical and mental performance and furthermore rapid healing of a leg fracture following sessions. Double blind tests in science labs have proven its effectiveness. The image shows the biofield of  a Russian athlete before and after a session of Reconnective Healing. See research

Client feedback

“Christina worked on my shoulder injury. I would describe myself as naturally skeptical of alternative therapies. However a half hour session with Christina produced a definite improvement to my condition which has subsequently completely healed. I would definitely recommend her.” Kevin Batley, Owner Sahara Presentation Systems, Kent

“A recurring problem with a disk in my lower back had kept me on the highest possible dose of painkillers for nine days to dull the pain.Walking was difficult, and sitting was almost impossible. About ten minutes after Christina started Reconnective Healing, the pain began to dissipate; by the time the session was over, it was completely gone and my mobility had returned.” Dianne Richards, Calgary, Canada