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explanation of the energy universe
explanation of the energy universe

Our place in the multidimensional universe


How does our human existence fit into the big picture of physical and non-physical life in this many-layered universe? My understandings of the nature of consciousness; our place in the multidimensional universe; and exactly how we are all interconnected, come from numerous conversations with someone in spirit.

Robert Hughes died in World War 1. He spoke via his medium in full trance from 2012 to 2014. Robert spoke, not with the wisdom of a 19 year old who died 100 years ago, but with the wisdom of what he described as his Inner Being. (Read more about Robert Hughes below.)

Robert explained there is only ONE ENERGY. We all have an Inner Being, our non-physical Core Self. It is our life force and flows energy to us for the duration of our life. The energy that comprises us in our physical form is just one fragment of that bigger whole self. And that bigger whole self is a part of the one energy. After our death we flow back into our whole self, our Inner Being (See What happens when we die). The Inner Being exists in non-physical, wave-form energy state (no form or mass). We, however, are the physical, particle energy manifestation of that consciousness in this 3D environment.

How we are interconnected

The whole of consciousness is comprised of a continuum of Inner Beings, all at different energy levels, and all inter-connected, but all part of this ONE ENERGY.  All individual consciousnesses – you and I, our Inner Beings, their Inner Beings & so on – are all projected energy from this single source.

Explanation our place in the multidimensional universeRobert used the analogy of nesting Russian dolls to explain the ‘levels’, or ‘layers’ of Inner Beings. We are like the smallest solid doll, the physical person. The next doll that fits around it represents the Inner Being we emerged from, at the 1st Level/Layer. Our Inner Being emerged from its own  Inner Being at the 2nd Level, the next biggest doll in the sequence. And so it goes on through the higher layers or levels of consciousness. In this analogy, the bigger the Russian doll in the sequence, the faster is the energy vibration of the Inner Being it represents. Read more about the Inner Being

I asked Robert how many ‘levels’ or ‘layers’ there are. He said he (his Inner Being), was aware of up to a Level 5, using this analogy. He believed there were more layers beyond this but he had no awareness of them. Robert explained that when we talk of Ascended Masters or Angels, these are actually Inner Beings from the faster vibrational levels, normally from Level 2.

Levels of consciousness

Robert chose to use the word ‘levels’ to try to explain the continuum of non-physical energy and denote the speed of vibration of a consciousness at a point in time. It does not imply any kind of hierarchy. All are equally important. The more experience a consciousness has, the faster its vibration.  Consciousnesses of Level 1 and above are energy, not physical (they are wave-form, not manifested as particle). They have no physical form, no mass.

All Inner Beings start off with a slow vibration, which becomes faster as they gain energy through experiences. But it’s not that they get better as they get faster. It just means they are able to do different things. However it’s the slower Level 1 energy that is best suited for Inner Beings to create physical manifestations, like us humans, in a physical environment like Earth.

The consciousnesses at different levels are like the cogs in a clock; some spin fast, some slow, but all must spin for the clock to work. So Inner Beings are no more important than humans. We influence our physical environment, the Earth. They influence what Robert called ‘pools’ of energy beings or Inner Beings.

Pools of focused interest

These are energy collectives made up of hundreds of consciousnesses, or Inner Beings, who pool their energies to further a shared interest, such as healing or communication. They can take part in many activities at once and invest their energy in many different types of pool.

Inner Beings choose how they spend their limited energy in much the same way that humans choose to spend their limited time/money.  How much energy ‘money’ each Inner Being has relates to their experience and speed of vibration. This will determine how much energy each will choose to invest in different pools. The pools are made up of energy from hundreds of Inner Beings at different levels of vibration, which adds to the diversity and versatility of the group.

Humans operate mostly as individuals.  Yes, we cooperate to achieve things jointly, but we are very aware of our individuality/ego.  By contrast, Inner Beings operate mostly in pools, as a collective.  An experienced Inner Being may choose to invest its energy into tens, or even hundreds, of pools in parallel.  It develops from its experiences in pools and it has a weaker sense of individuality/ego than we humans.

All parts of one energy mechanism

Our place in the multidimensional universeRobert used the image of a transparent clock to explain how the levels or layers of consciousness all fit together. Some pieces of the clock mechanism are small and spin very fast. They are like ‘Level 5’ Inner Beings who have very fast energy. Some pieces are big and slow, like humans on earth. They are particle-form, not wave-form. Their pieces are very heavy, very slow. But the clock cannot work if one piece is broken. The fast spinning and the slow spinning parts are all needed. They all bring a wide variety of experiences to the whole.

Inner Beings manifest fragments of their energy in many, many other energy environments as well as earth. Some are physical environments, some non-physical. The greatest importance is for diversity – from the thought-forms and energy of the animals and the physical and non-physical beings of earth and all the other environments. Moreover it is not fixed, forever growing – ever becoming as Robert put it.

The thoughts and actions of each of us affect many around us, both those seen by us and unseen by us (those in spirit). Though our Inner Beings always see the affects of our actions. The speed of vibration of our Earth environment in any moment correlates to the collective vibrations of all the consciousnesses who live here. Being happy speeds up our individual vibration and contributes to raising the energy of the Earth as a whole. Being sad, angry or depressed slows our vibration and makes a more negative contribution to the collective energy of Earth.

This is why it is so important during challenging times on Earth, such as wars and famine, to take positive action wherever you can, but then send positive energy to those affected, and be in appreciation of the good things in your own life, rather than dwell on the negatives of the situation. Learn how to speed up your own vibration in Change your Negatives to Positives.

Moving from one level to the next

Inner Being levels of consciousnessThis diagram is a simplification. Robert was trying to simplify the example to help our understanding. In reality the vibrations of the levels overlap considerably. When an Inner Being reaches the vibration matching the next level, it is a matter of choice to stay at its current level or move up to the next.  It can straddle two levels temporarily, but once it has moved up it cannot return.

So what is our place in the multidimensional universe?

Robert explained that consciousness in our Earth environment is quite ‘young’ in comparison to consciousness in other environments, which are older and more evolved.  Our environment has a Level 0 physical vibration (slow) with form and mass.  The majority of Inner Beings of humans are at Level 1. That’s because it’s the optimum level for ease of manifesting a physical fragment (human or animal) here.

Each human knows itself as a unique consciousness.  But in each moment of our lives, full awareness of our consciousness flows back to the one source via the chain of Inner Beings. Consciousness is a ‘system’ of billions of linked parts. You, your Inner Being, me, my Inner Being, its Inner Being etc.  Each has its own experiences, but all experiences flow to drive the growth and development of the whole.

Communication between different consciousnesses

Consciousnesses of the same level communicate easily, eg you with me, my Inner Being with your Inner Being.  But one consciousness is not naturally aware of any other consciousnesses that are more than one level away from its own vibrational level. This is because the difference in speed of vibration is too great for one to perceive the other.

With practice, we can learn to become more aware of our own Inner Being, the next level to us, and strengthen our connection with it. This will increase the flow of our life force energy for greater wellbeing and enable easier communication. Read more about the Inner Being.

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Robert Hughes gave lots of details of his family and his life in Colwyn Bay. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace his records and confirm all the personal information he had given. Learn more about Robert here: 

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