Christina Cherry Healing


Trauma & Pain Therapies

If you are suffering from emotional trauma, severe anxiety or long term pain, the therapies below may be just what you’re looking for. These therapies communicate with the unconscious mind. They are two different approaches to help clear emotional blocks, old trauma, deep-rooted fears or old pain. By working with the unconscious mind to reprocess and reassess, they help you release what is no longer serving you. Both therapies are effective by distance, over Skype, Zoom or similar.

BLAST Technique

Release Trauma & PTSD

A quick and effective way to reprocess traumatic events. Helps release deeply held emotions, anxiety, phobias, addictions & fears. BLAST utilises precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen and specific suggestions. It helps you reprocess the emotional trauma so you can remember what happened, but it no longer has any physical or emotional response. More


OldPain2Go® is not a medical treatment or a cure for any illness or ailment. With conditions involving long term pain, it can help your body reassess the unconscious processes that decide on the need for pain, and the level of it. Helps to remove or reduce it. Can also be effective with old mental and emotional programs. More