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What is a Spirit Guide and how does a drawing help?


What is a Spirit Guide?

Christina Cherry Art Angelic Spirit GuideMy understanding is that all Spirit Guides are representations of our own Inner Being or Core Self. This is the much vaster part of us in spirit that is our true essence and life force. The Inner Being chooses to show itself with a particular physical image to get us to pay attention. It wants us to work with the guide to deepen our connection to the Inner Being itself so we can have better communication and guidance. 

When our Inner Being speaks to us in our heads, it sounds very much like our own thoughts so it can be quite difficult to discern the difference. The Inner Being can give us a visual image or a particular feeling, or even smell, to make us aware of the guide. Then when the guide gives us a message, we are much more likely to pay attention.

Often the Inner Being will choose to show as a guide one of its previous physical manifestations  (incarnations) which has been significant. It could be someone who has mastered particular life skills or had great learning which would also be beneficial to us. I believe it’s the Inner Being that has many different incarnations  on earth, rather than the piece we know as us, and after our death we flow back into the blissful energy of the Inner Being and continue our existence in a non-physical form.

Christina Cherry Art Animal GuideOther times the Inner Being will choose to show the image of an angel, ascended master, a being of light, a child, a wise old spirit, or an animal.  It chooses whichever physical image or symbol it knows will resonate with us and we will trust. It’s like a gift from the Inner Being to us to help strengthen our relationship and communication.

Do we have healing guides?

People often develop a close relationship of trust with their spiritual guide or guides. Those who work as healers may also believe that healing comes from the guide. They may feel disappointed to know that it is really their own Inner Being.  It should not be so, for the Inner Being knows them better than they know themselves. We are all fragments of our own Inner Being, our greater self, or Core Self, that exists in the non-physical. It is the source of our very life force.

Every thought and experience we have ever had has always flowed in the Inner Being. Who could be more appropriate to guide us? There is none better. Nothing can come to you other than through your own Inner Being – it is the policeman on the door. Our intuition comes from the Core Self to help guide us on our life path. Our Inner Being or Core Self can access higher vibrational healing energies where appropriate and bring in those energies for the person receiving healing. Sometimes healers perceive these higher energies as Angels or Ascended Masters.

How does a spirit guide drawing help?

Christina Cherry Art African Woman Spirit GuideWhen I draw a spirit guide portrait, the Inner Being of the person it is for sends an image to my Inner Being, who shows it to me in my head. I often draw the face upside down to begin with to help get my conscious mind out of the way. It flows to the part of me that draws and I build it into a physical ‘map’ that the person can see. It’s not always what the person wants or expects though.

The Inner Being may want to show a different incarnation as a spirit guide. It might show what they need to trust the emotions coming from the Inner Being. If they then look at the picture and focus on it, it will help them. It will convey a message from their Inner Being. The Inner Being will show what it chooses, but truth from the Inner Being might not be seen as truth by the recipient in that moment if they were expecting something different.

The flow of the Inner Being is in the picture. He/she already flows in the person but they don’t always choose to allow the influence of the Inner Being. But when they look at the picture, it helps them open their eyes and ears and senses for their Inner Being to ‘speak’ to them.

How can a spirit guide drawing be used?

I recommend meditating for at least 10 minutes each day to strengthen the connection to your Inner Being. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position and chant ‘om’ or anything! Just sit quietly and focus on the spirit guide drawing, if you have one. Then close your eyes if you wish and breathe in for the count of 3 and breathe out for the count of 6. Just focus on developing the feeling of connection. You may not feel much at first. But if you make a regular habit of connecting in this way your mind will start to learn to let go and allow a deepening of the flow.

Gradually you will start to become aware of the blissful energy from your Inner Being and you may also start to receive intuitive messages. When you really start to connect, the feeling is amazing! That’s why meditation masters are happy to do it for hours on end. But you don’t have to go and sit on top of a mountain and tune in for hours. Just 10 to 20 minutes every day is enough to make a positive difference in your life. The more you are able to do it, the more there is to gain. If you make a habit of doing it at the same time each day, it will help your conscious mind to co-operate with the process and learn to let go.

Please feel free to share your own experiences and views in the comments sections below.

My own understanding of Spirit Guides, and many other things, was helped enormously by speaking to Robert Hughes. Robert died in World War I at the age of 19. He was channelled through his medium Saesneggar. Full details of his life and the messages he shared via his medium can be found on

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