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Learn how to manifest your dreams
Learn how to manifest your dreams

Personal Empowerment Sessions

Value yourself - Personal empowerment

Personal empowerment and energy therapy sessions

Do you want to regain your inner happiness and feel more calm, peaceful and relaxed? Would you like to learn simple techniques to attract more positive experiences into your life? Do you want to let go of negative patterns that are holding you back? How would it feel to be able to choose your own emotional state rather than feel at the mercy of the moods of others?

If you feel you would benefit from guidance tailored to work with your own personal needs, I can provide Personal Empowerment energy healing and guidance sessions. This goes beyond Life Coaching as it also involves an energy healing  session to balance you and clear blocks.

In three 1 to 1 personalised energy therapy and empowerment sessions you can learn to access your core-self, your true life force and inner guidance. You will be given simple tools to help you feel better even in challenging situations. These will be tailored to work with your own personal circumstances and needs. You will experience a guided meditation with a recording to listen to afterwards. I will also give advice on how to develop a meditation practice that suits you.

Your choice of Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing in Bedfordshire

Each week you will also have the opportunity choose to experience either energy healing:  Turquoise Healing with Sound, Reconnective Healing, Reiki or Access Bars therapy that focuses on releasing negative beliefs and thinking patterns.

As well as helping to overcome physical conditions, energy therapy has the power to calm, centre, lift depression and release anger and stress emotions. In addition it boosts the immune system, and enhances your health and stress-resistance. Energy healing can also help you to become more grounded and connected to the world around you. Furthermore it enables you to connect with your inner self.

I can arrange sessions to suit your schedule. They can be either a week apart or over a longer period of time if you prefer.

Cost: £160 for three 90 minute sessions of combined empowerment skills and healing, in your own time frame. One session £65.

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Energy Healing & Sound Healing therapist based in Bedfordshire - Cambridgeshire. 12 years healing experience. Effective healing therapies for relieving stress, anxiety, emotional and physical issues, with practical guidance to help keep yourself in a more positive place. Many client testimonials.

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