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How Christina Cherry Healing can help you

Energy Healing therapyAre you looking for help with pain relief, stress relief or to heal an illness? Would you like to overcome emotional trauma, release negative thinking patterns and get your life back on track?

In these stressful and uncertain times when we are you unable to visit a healer in person, I can offer you energy healing or empowerment sessions in your own home via Skype or Zoom.

Distance Healing

I offer distance treatments for clients around the world for physical, mental or emotional healing. So by remote healing at home you can choose to have:

Reconnective Healing

Restores balance in your energy field for effective physical, mental or emotional healing. Extensive Reconnection science research in many countries has proven its effectiveness. Learn more about Reconnective Healing

“The effect was incredibly powerful. It enabled me to recall and release deep-seated abuse-related traumas in such a powerful way. I was left completely free of the hold these memories had over my life.” Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Willingham, Cambridgeshire.  

Turquoise Healing Tones

A unique form of natural healing enhanced by powerful harmonic vocal sound. Adding these therapeutic tones connects you to a broader spectrum of faster vibrational energy.  The higher vibrational harmonic tones are specifically attuned to your own energy and health needs. I record the sound therapy so you can continue your healing at home.  Learn more about Turquoise Healing Tones

“Turquoise Tones gives me much relief from the pain of arthritis in my upper limbs and shoulders. It’s like a pain free ‘energetic’ therapy session. So it gives me the same if not better effect of a session with a chiropractor. The severe headache I had been experiencing for 24 hours before has gone.” Linda Ferguson, Crystal & Spiritual Healer & Clairvoyant, Bedfordshire.

Usui Reiki 

Gentle natural healing which helps to speed up recovery and restore balance. Learn more about Reiki

You can also have sound healing during a distance Reconnective Healing or Reiki session (no extra charge). This helps to physicalise the healing energy for you wherever you are, regardless of distance. You also have the added advantage of receiving a recording of the sound healing. This means  you can continue the healing afterwards. Learn more about Distance Treatment

Book Remote Healing “I had just one remote energy healing session, afterwards a large painful lump on my foot had shrunk dramatically in less than 12 hours!CL Calgary, Canada.

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Therapies to clear emotional trauma or remove old pain

The BLAST Technique®

release emotional traumaThe BLAST Technique® is a quick and effective way to reprocess traumatic events and release deeply held emotions, anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions and fears. It utilises precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen and specific suggestions. BLAST helps you reprocess the emotional trauma so you understand what happened and can remember, but it no longer has any physical or emotional response. It works very well over Skype or Zoom etc. Learn more about the BLAST Technique.


OldPain2Go® is not a medical treatment or a cure for any illness or ailment. It helps with pain reduction or removal. This technique is a way of helping you and your body reassess the unconscious processes that decide on the need for pain, and the level of it. It can also help to delete old mental and emotional programs that are no longer serving you. Learn more about OldPain2Go®


release emotional traumaIn addition to the various energy healing techniques, I will also work with you during the session to give you tools to empower yourself. As well as techniques to help you let go of the things that are holding you back, I give guidance to help you attract more of what you want into your life. You can find many tips to help you improve the quality of your life on my Blog page.

If you are looking for more personalised in depth help to deal with a specific issue or emotional trauma, I offer 90 minute Personal Empowerment Sessions. These can take place at my Bedfordshire healing room, or via Skype.

Activations for Spiritual Growth

The Tonal Alignment

Tonal Alignment - powerful spiritual activation

Alex Grey

If you are ready to leap forward on your spiritual path and expand your connection to your core spiritual self, this is the therapy for you. The Tonal Alignment will help to expand your connection to your own Inner Being, the source of your life force. So it brings greater well-being, as well as spiritual expansion. The energy activation is enhanced by sound healing and is effective by distance over Skype. Recording included. Learn more about the Tonal Alignment   Book healing session

“I felt peace and strength throughout the session and afterwards a connection to the energies of the universe. Contentment, knowing, strength and as if I was plugged into universal knowledge. A magical experience which I am sure will strengthen my spiritual progress.” John Woods, Tama-Do Sound Healing practitioner, Milton Keynes.

The Head Energy Alignment

The Head Energy Alignment uses the same process and energy as the Tonal Alignment. However, it is a shorter, one day process focusing just on the head. This is the part of the body where the fastest energy can flow.

I also teach energy healing therapists to perform the Tonal Alignment and Head Energy Alignment themselves.

Therapies for stress relief & mental clarity

Access Consciousness Bars

This works on specific head meridians to help release stress. It helps clear the negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, while you relax. Helps you feel clearer, more energised and so better able to move forward in life. Learn more about Access Bars

The only way I can describe Access Bars is as a way to empty out all those unwanted busy thoughts we hold onto. I felt my head being tipped to one side, and then literally empty itself. Once empty it was replaced with a bright beam of white light. Very calming and relaxing experience. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if feeling stressed or anxious.” Josie Thompson.

Indian Head Massage

Ideal for relieving stress, tension and anxiety, and also deeply relaxing. It takes you ‘out of your head’, and far away from emotional and mental stress of everyday life. Furthermore it clears toxins, boosts immunity and gives you feelings of peace, calm and wellbeing. Learn more about Indian Head Massage

In the 13 years since I first became a Usui Reiki Master, I have witnessed many client healings. After these transformative energy healing therapies, many clients with physical, emotional or mental issues have reported positive results. See Customer Reviews