Christina Cherry Healing



How Christina Cherry Healing can help you

Are you looking for help with pain relief, stress relief or to heal an illness? Would you like to overcome emotional trauma, release negative thinking patterns and get your life back on track? Maybe you would like to grow your spiritual connection? Or perhaps you are struggling to cope with your fears and emotions during these stressful and challenging times.

I would like to help you feel better physically; learn to help yourself whenever you are anxious; let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and expand your connection to your inner self. I can do this remotely, so you can receive healing or therapy in your own home via Skype or similar.

How I will work with you

I work in a variety of complementary ways. FIRSTLY, I offer Energy Healing Therapies to balance your energy system and clear your body’s energetic pathways of any blocks. This means you can receive a greater flow of your life force energy for greater wellbeing. Energy Healing helps to relieve physical symptoms, as well as stress and anxiety. More

SECONDLY, I will help you understand how the mind gets stuck in patterns of fear, worry and negative thinking; and how this then leads to a vicious circle of greater stress and tension. I will give tips and tools to help you break this pattern. I will show you how to adopt instead simple techniques to boost your mood and help you find your path to greater peace and contentment. There is no extra charge for this. If you would like a longer session concentrating on this aspect, I offer Personal Empowerment Sessions.

THIRDLY, in cases involving deeper trauma or long term pain, and when there is a history of stress and anxiety, I can offer further techniques. BLAST and OldPain2go communicate with the unconscious mind in different ways to help clear emotional blocks and old trauma. The uncertainties of the current times may also be triggering older, deep-rooted fears. These techniques can help you to reprocess the old emotions and so release them. More

Spiritual Growth

If you are wanting to move forward on your spiritual path and expand your connection to your core spiritual self, this activation is the best process. The Tonal Alignment will help to expand your connection to your own Inner Being, the source of your life force energy. So it brings greater well-being, as well as spiritual expansion. The energy activation is enhanced by sound healing and is effective by distance over Skype. Recording included. The Spiritual Growth page lists healing therapies which are also effective for spiritual development.

Distance Healing

In these stressful times when you are unable to visit a healer in person, I can offer you energy healing, pain or trauma therapy or empowerment sessions in your own home via Skype or Zoom. Distance Healing sessions include guidance and tools to help you stay in a more positive frame of mind and attract the things you want into your life. You also have the option of Sound Healing at no extra cost. This helps to physicalise the energy and repeats the healing when you replay the recording. More

Choose the best therapy for you

If you are unsure which therapy is best for you, this table will give you some basic guidance. With distance healing, I can also work intuitively to flow the most appropriate form of healing for you on the day. I am happy to give further guidance and answer any questions on 07913405007, or email:

Based in Potton, Bedfordshire, Christina Cherry Healing is close to Sandy, Biggleswade, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, St Neots, Bedford & Cambridge.