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Fear of death
Fear of death

What happens when we die?


Many people wonder what happens when we die and there is a lot of fear around the subject. My understanding of what happens when we die comes from numerous conversations with someone who has experienced it first-hand.

Robert Hughes died in the Battle of the Somme. He spoke via his medium in full trance during 2012 to 2014. Robert gave lots of details about his life. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace his records and confirm all the personal information he had given. Robert spoke, not with the wisdom of a 19 year old who died 100 years ago, but with the wisdom of what he described as his Inner Being.

The Inner Being or Core Self

Robert explained that the Inner Being is the non-physical core self. This is our soul essence which gives us our life force energy for the duration of our physical life. He said that it is our Inner Being who has had the multiple earthly incarnations that we refer to as past lives. The energy that comprises us in our physical form is just one fragment of that bigger whole self. Some people may refer to this as the Higher Self. Robert wasn’t keen on that term as he said it implied superiority.

Robert explained that when we die, all of our life force energy flows back into our Inner Being. The fragment that is us – our personality, our experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions will forever be part of that non-physical core self. The energy that comprises us has just made a transition from physical particle energy state to non-physical wave-form energy state. This is a state of pure joy and bliss. So we are still living but in a different, non-physical state. We simply re-emerge back into our Inner Being. As we came out of our mother energy to this physical life, on death we go back into our mother energy, the Inner Being. Read more about the Inner Being

What happens to our individual personality

To explain what happens to our individual personality when we die, Robert used the analogy of coats in a cupboard. All aspects of who we are will always flow within our Core Self. But when the Core Self wants to communicate with loved ones remaining on earth, he puts on the ‘coat’ again. This is the ‘outfit’ of the personality of the one who has died. He once again puts a piece of his energy into the vehicle that was the physical person. So Robert’s Inner Being would put on the ‘coat’ of Robert to communicate via the medium. This was because Robert happened to be the best energy match to the medium of all that Inner Being’s earthly incarnations.

I asked Robert if he had any worries about losing his own personal identity now he is part of the bigger Core Self. He answered: “I am happy, I have the Inner Being. I have not the wanting of the small knowings of Robert, I have the big knowings of many through the Inner Being. The big happy of many, not the small of Robert.

Fear of Death

Many people fear death because they don’t know what happens when we die, what comes next, or indeed if anything comes after physical death. Many old people linger for years in illness, pain and many times in the confusion of dementia because they afraid to let go of the physical world they know. They have no awareness or understanding of their Inner Being or Core Self. They don’t understand that death is a change of state rather than an end of existence. So they won’t allow their energy to be reabsorbed back into their Inner Being. In the past people were often happier to die because they believed in the story of heaven. Now there is less belief in that idealised image, but people are not aware of the reality.

Some might be afraid that after death they will have to be with a parent or spouse they did not get on with. They may feel they have had happiness and freedom since that person’s death and don’t want to be with them again. But that is not the case. When you are back flowing with your Inner Being, you don’t have to be with anyone you don’t choose to be with. If you wish to be with family members or friends again, your Core Self will ask their Core Self to bring that personality to the fore, to put on that ‘coat’ again.

Visions of the other side

Spirit VisionsWhen someone is close to death, they can sometimes start to see glimpses of energies who have already made their transition. They may start to see family members who have died. In some cases they may have regrets about how they treated that person and fear recrimination or judgement. This also can make people afraid of moving to the next plane.

However, what is actually happening in those cases is that the Inner Being of the one who was wronged puts on the ‘coat’ of that person.  To say: “I am not hurt, I wanted to have an experience so I asked your Inner Being to help me have it. It was not a happy experience, but I need all life experiences, not just happy ones. There is no blame or guilt, no need to fear those in spirit.

Do we have a choice about when we die?

The Inner Being cannot chose when death happens, only the human can choose when to let go. So often fear of what comes next means they may stay close to death for many years. This isn’t good for the person themselves, or for the ones caring for them. The physical body can no longer cope, and it needs a great deal of help. They are not able to have valuable new experiences, but linger in the physical life through fear.

The main reason Robert’s Inner Being chose to speak as he did was to make people aware of their Inner Being. He wanted people to know that there is nothing to fear in death. Life goes on, just in a different, non-physical form. He would often say: “I’m not sitting on a cloud with a harp”.

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