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Communication with the dead


Is communication with the dead really possible? My understanding of how communication with the dead happens comes from conversations with someone who has experienced it from the other side. This is the third of 3 posts on the subject of Transition or Death. The first deals with What happens when we dieThe second deals with the actual event, The experience of dying.

Robert Hughes died in the Battle of the Somme at the age of 19. He spoke via his medium in full trance during 2012 to 2014. Robert gave lots of details of his family and his life in Colwyn Bay. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace his records and confirm all the personal information he had given. Robert spoke, not with the wisdom of a young man who died 100 years ago, but with the wisdom of what he described as his Inner Being.

Robert explained that the Inner Being is the non-physical Core Self, our soul essence which gives us our life force energy for the duration of our life on earth as a physical being. He said that it is our Inner Being who has experienced all the multiple earthly incarnations that we refer to as past lives. The energy that comprises us in our physical form is just one fragment of that bigger whole self. Some people may refer to this as the Higher Self. Robert wasn’t keen on that name as he said it implied superiority. Read more about the Inner Being

Communication with those in spirit

Just as we continue to exist as a fragment of our Inner Being or Core Self when we die [see The experience of dying] , so all others who have transitioned from this physical life back to non-physical, exist as fragments of their own Inner Being. So their Inner Being can easily, at any time, bring them forth to communicate.

If we learn how and practise often, we can communicate with the dead direct via our own Inner Being. We all have some degree of sixth sense but most choose to ignore or distrust it. Robert explained that humans used to be skilled at this kind of energy communication before physical language became dominant. Now animals are much more skilled at it than we are.

All energy flows from the Inner Being to the human it has manifested.  An Inner Being may wish to communicate with its own human. But that person might not have learned to receive, or often, has not learned to pay attention to the messages. Often the message sounds like their own voice in their head, so easy to ignore.

We can develop skills of psychic communication if we practice regularly. If we learn to communicate clearly with our own Inner Being, it is then able to pass messages to us when a loved one in spirit wants to communicate. Sometimes, when an Inner Being wants to pass on a particularly important message, it might show an image of a spirit guide or an ‘angel’ to make the person pay more attention and listen to the message.


Our Inner Being might also show us a clear image of the loved one who has died, if we are able to perceive it. However, often this kind of communication takes place via a medium or clairvoyant who is experienced at communicating in this way. The Inner Being of a living person might receive a message from the Inner Being of the one who has died. But if the Inner Being of the person here doesn’t have a strong connection for communication to their human fragment, they may ask the Inner Being of a medium to pass on the message for them.

All messages from spirit come via the Inner Being of the person receiving the message; in this case the medium. There is no other way. No other Inner Being can flow directly into them. Robert was very clear that possession by spirit is impossible; it is a misunderstanding of mental illness.

So then the Inner Being of the person in spirit communicates a message to the Inner Being of the medium. The medium’s Inner Being then passes the message to their human part – the medium. The messages can take the form of words from the person who has died, or often pictures to convey a message. They can also take the form of feelings or even smells. It depends what the medium is best able to receive and pass on.

Difficulties in communication with the dead

mediumshipHowever, as the messages are passed from one to another, some of the information can be lost along with way. Robert used to say this was like water being passed from bucket to bucket, the way they used to put out fires in his day. But unfortunately, some of the water can get spilled in the process.

As the human brain is involved, there is always the possibility of some misinterpretation of what is being shown. Also, our human ‘monkey’ mind may filter out some of the information that is being given and not pass it all on to the thinking part of our brain which relays the message.


In some cases, an Inner Being might wish to communicate a longer message. This could either be intended for its own human, but more often to share knowledge with a group of people. It can do this via a medium who is able to flow a constant stream of words. Again it will always flow the message via the medium’s own Inner Being to the medium. This form of communication is known as channelling.

The flow of words in channelling may start slow, like a gentle flow from a tap. Then when the flow is established, a stronger, faster flow of words can come. This is when the flow of information originating from the other Inner Being begins.

Altered states

Sometimes the medium will be aware of the words as they are spoken. Sometimes they might be aware of only some of what is being said. This is because they are in an altered state during the channelling. Often they will remember very little afterwards. There are numerous different levels of altered state.

In rare cases, the medium will be in deep trance, as was the case with the medium who channelled Robert Hughes. In this state they are completely unaware. Robert’s medium was only ever aware of what he said by listening to recordings afterwards.

It is only when the medium is in deep trance that the entirety of the message can flow without any distortion. When the medium’s monkey mind is alert and active, it always has some involvement in passing on the message. It may influence what is said and how it is said. Channelling in full trance also means more of the essence of the spirit speaker can flow. Robert Hughes, for example, spoke with a man’s voice and a strong Welsh accent although his medium was female and English.

Physical touch as communication from the dead

Communication with the deadOccasionally we might feel a touch from spirit. Always it is the person’s own Inner Being who creates the sensation in the body. But another Inner Being could request it, the Inner Being of a loved one in spirit who wishes to communicate. So they would ask the person’s Inner Being to create they physical sensation of touch. This is to let the person know they are still there. They might touch them in a way they would when they were living so they will recognise the sensation. However, this type of physical touch communication with the dead requires more energy expenditure from the Inner Being. So it’s not always possible.

When we think of those in spirit

When we send thoughts to our loved ones in spirit, their Inner Being is always aware of it. It will feel the pull and gain energy from it. It draws them to us. However, it’s important to be aware of whether we are sending positive or negative energy to them. For example, if you remember a loved one when they were well and happy, this would send positive energy to their Inner Being even after their death. Equally, if you dwell on times when they were ill and dying, the energy you are sending will not be positive.

Robert explained that it can be very hard for those who have made their transition to see the loved ones they have left behind grieving and sad. Robert had a girlfriend called Amy. After his death he found it very hard to be close to her because her grief was so intense. He wanted to let her know he was still there, that he had just moved to a new non-physical state. But he was unable to communicate with her and her grief made it hard for him to be close to her. He said those who have died would much prefer their living loved ones to try to focus on the happy times they had together as much as possible, rather than let themselves be overwhelmed by grief and regret.

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