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What is OldPain2Go ®?

OldPain2Go ® helps with pain reduction or removal. It’s a way of helping you and your body reassess the unconscious processes that decide on the need for pain, and the level of it. It can also help to delete old mental and emotional programs that are no longer serving you. OldPain2Go ® is not a medical treatment or a cure for any illness or ailment.

It is a totally safe way of releasing pain that no longer serves a purpose. OldPain2Go ® involves direct communication with the subconscious, whilst you are consciously aware. It isn’t hypnosis but it does communicate with the same part of the mind that hypnosis does. It gets your unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other with the practitioner acting as an intermediary.

Pain has a purpose when it relates to a new problem or injury. In most cases our bodies heal themselves with no conscious input from us. But sometimes when the original injury has healed, the pain still lingers. It’s still running the old pain program, unaware that it’s no longer needed. Just like a fire alarm still ringing after the fire has been put out. OldPain2Go® resets the alarm.

OldPain2Go ® is fast, safe, effective and with lasting results. Typically, clients need just one session. With this technique you can expect a drastic reduction in pain, or complete removal. In some cases, you may need further emotional examination if the subconscious is holding on to the pain for an emotional reason.

There are over 140 Client Feedback Videos on the OldPain2Go ® website. Watch here clients describing their personal experiences and their perceptions in the changes of pain level. However, these are personal experiences and therefore are not indicative of any experience you should expect.

OldPain2Go® with other conditions apart from pain

It can also help with issues such as weight-loss, smoking cessation, and allergies. OldPain2Go® helps the unconscious review whether those old mental and emotional programs are no longer helpful, and if so delete them. If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, please read here. This is Steven Blake’s (founder of OldPain2Go) explanation of how he believes these illnesses start and what sufferers need to do to release themselves from these conditions.

Please note: This does not constitute medical advice nor is it a substitute for it. You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief. OldPain2Go ® will work with you to help you access the part of your mind that deals with your own healing processes. It will help you ask for it to review your pain messages and any old mental programs that aren’t helping you. It is not a treatment, it is a non-medical intervention of self-work. After a session, you should not discontinue any medications without consulting a doctor.

pain reduction or removal
Help to reduce or remove old pain messages

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