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Healing Therapies

Choice of Energy Healing Therapies

The Energy Healing therapies listed below are also effective by remote or distance healing. However, Access Consciousness Bars is recommended in person. I offer in-person sessions in my therapy room in Potton, Bedfordshire, with extra cleaning precautions to limit the risk of Covid. I will be wearing a facemask and you will be asked to wear one too. You may prefer to have a session of Distant or Remote Healing in the comfort of your own home via Skype or Zoom.

Distance Healing

Distant or remote healing

We are all interconnected at the energy level. When I focus on you for healing, an energy ‘bridge’ forms to flow healing energy directly to you, regardless of distance. So you can receive healing in your own home. I can connect to you with a photograph, but I prefer to work with you over Skype, Zoom or similar. It also enables us to talk about any anxieties or other issues that may be troubling you. Then I can suggest tools which will help clear them. More

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars to release limiting thinking

Works via head meridians to help you release limiting thinking, negative emotions, stress & tension. Helps to clear negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. So you can move forward with your life. All while you relax. Also helps to expand your connections with your Inner Self. Scientific research has shown Access Bars significantly reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. More

Turquoise Healing Tones

Sound Healing

Unique energy healing enhanced by powerful harmonic vocal sound. Helps to dissipate inflammation and clears your energy pathways of blocks and stagnant energy. For better physical, mental and emotional health. Connects you to a broader spectrum of faster vibrational healing energy. I will send you a recording so you can continue the healing at home. More

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing therapy, Energy Healing Technique

Powerful frequencies to re-balance your energy field so that healing can occur. A non-contact therapy. Palpable energy frequencies restore balance in your physical and energy bodies. Research has proven its effectiveness. It also helps with spiritual growth by expanding your connection to your inner, non-physical self. More

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki Master, energy healing therapy

Usui Reiki Master. Gentle natural energy healing therapy which originated in Japan. Speeds recovery and restores balance. Reiki is now being used in some hospitals because it works well alongside orthodox medicine. It’s also a very relaxing and calming therapy. Can be used hands-on or hands-off. More

Indian Head Massage

Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage

While not strictly an energy healing therapy, Indian Head Massage is a very therapeutic and relaxing process. It detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage and boosting the immune system. In addition, whenever I work hands-on, healing energy also flows. More For the ultimate in deep relaxation, de-stress and de-tox you can combine Indian Head Massage with a session of Access Consciousness Bars. Indian Head Massage is not available during lockdown.

Choose the best therapy for you

If you are unsure which therapy is best for you, this table will give you some basic guidance. It’s not a comprehensive list of conditions. For distance healing, I can also work intuitively to flow the best form of healing on the day. I am happy to give further guidance and answer any questions on 07913405007, or email:

Sound Healing is a free option with Energy Healing sessions

Sound healing testimonials, sound healing near me

I offer sound healing during the energy healing therapy sessions at no extra charge – whether by distance or in person.  In distant healing, this has the advantage of being an additional way to physicalise faster vibrational healing energy in your location. You hear it with your ears, but every cell of your body also resonates with the sound at a deeper level.

Furthermore, you will receive a recording of the sound healing to listen to afterwards. Each time you do this, you are able to receive the healing flow. The best time to listen is at night before sleeping, so you go into your night’s sleep in that deeply replenishing healing vibration. More

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