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Foretelling the future - manifesting
Foretelling the future - manifesting

Foretelling the future


What exactly is happening when people are foretelling the future? Is there predestination or do we create our own reality and attract our future experiences? Here is the explanation from someone in spirit – how we can glimpse the road ahead and, more importantly, how we create our own future.

Robert Hughes died in World War 1, but spoke via his medium in full trance 2012-2014. He spoke to share the wisdom of what he called his Inner Being. He explained the Inner Being is our core, non-physical self, our soul essence that flows our life force to us. You can learn more about Robert below. Read more about Inner Beings

Foretelling the future is seeing the ‘road’ ahead

Robert used the analogy of a car headlights to explain exactly how much of our future can be foreseen. When you drive a car at night, you know there are fields or buildings either side, but the only bit you can see is what is lit up in the car headlights. This is the bit directly in front of you, in the direction you are currently steering the car.

It’s the same with what is to come in the future. It’s possible to see where your current energy vibration is steering you. The way is set by your own energy, your own thought-forms. [When you have the same thought repeatedly, and you believe it, it becomes a thought-form.] No other person can set your way ahead for you, nor can your Inner Being. Equally you can’t set a course for anyone else. Each individual human sets their own path in life. And what you can see or predict in any moment is only a small part of that whole path.

Does predestination play a part?

Your Inner Being can see the path you are on, based on your energy, your mood, and your thought-forms in any moment. But only as far as the ‘headlights’ reach, for a short distance into the future path. It cannot see the whole of your future mapped out. This is because it’s not predestined. Your Inner Being does not create your path through life. Furthermore, your potential future is constantly changing, based on what you choose to focus on in every moment. Whether you spend most of your time focusing on the things you want, or on the things you don’t want.

Manifest your dreams - predestinationYour Inner Being can see what likely future events and experiences are within the headlights of the car, based on what you are currently attracting by your emotional set point. This is your overall vibration, the cumulation of all your thought-forms at that point in time.  So if you’re not heading in a helpful direction, it will try to give you guidance and emotions to try steer you on a more helpful course. But always you do the choosing. You may act on inner guidance or you may not. Often people choose to ignore these inner promptings.

How are clairvoyants and psychics foretelling the future?

It is possible for a person who has developed their psychic gifts and clairvoyance to see into another person’s headlights; to see what things they are likely to attract into their immediate future. But only if the person’s own Inner Being chooses to share that information with the clairvoyant’s Inner Being. Read more about how clairvoyance works

However, this is only ever the most likely future experiences based on the person’s current energy. It’s the most likely potentials in the future that they are attracting at that time. For example, a person might be feeling great and focusing on what they want to attract into their lives. So the path in their headlights looks rosy. But then later that day they might see a terrible car accident, or hear of something horrible in the news which might seriously affect their own mood and emotional set point. If it’s a traumatic event, they might be unable to shake it off, and keep thinking about it. So it would have an ongoing negative affect on their energy.

How can we change the path we are on?

But how can you change it if you become aware of the path you are headed towards and you don’t like it? How do you change to a different road? It’s simple, you change your thought-forms. Now the problem here is that we all tend to have thought-forms after the thing has happened. You experience something that brings you joy, and consequently you feel joyful afterwards. You experience something that brings fear or anxiety and then you feel fear or anxiety afterwards.

So your thought-forms are not set by what you want to see coming ahead, but by what you have just experienced. It’s as if you were driving your car continually looking in the rear-view mirror at what has just happened, rather than what you want to see ahead. If you see something behind you that was nice, you feel nice. So in your front windscreen you project by your energy another nice thing in the headlights, something you want.

negative thinking - fear & anxietyBut if the thing behind you, the experience you’ve just had, was not nice, your thought-forms are not nice. So then that projects onto the road in front of you instead. You have set your own thought-forms from what was, and that brings the next thing to you. Unfortunately, we often tend to dwell on, and worry about, the things we don’t like that have happened, rather than the good things.

Choosing the road ahead instead of looking back

However, knowing this, you can learn to drive ‘properly’ – looking through the front windscreen all the time rather than the rear-view mirror. So the change must be not to set your thought-forms from what has just happened in your life, but to intentionally and consciously set your thought-forms for what you are wanting to come next.

Our default setting is along the lines of: “Give me health and I will feel healthy. Give me lots of money and I will feel rich”. But it doesn’t work. You won’t have health or money if you make your emotional state and your happiness conditional on having it first. It just doesn’t happen that way. You can’t drive with your head looking back. Your head has to look forwards and set your mood and your thought-forms to what you want before it happens.

You can choose to be happy. You can choose NOT to think about the things you don’t want in your life. You can choose to think about the things you DO want in your life instead. And the real key is to feel the feeling of already having those things you want. This is what really builds the momentum to create the thought-forms that attract a positive future experience like a magnet. Also feeling gratitude for the things you already have strengthens your positive vibration – your attraction magnet!

Getting on the ‘chocolate’ road

Manifesting what you wantRobert was a big fan of chocolate, so he used that as an example. If you like chocolate, you think about having chocolate in your mouth. You really savour every bit of it, the taste, the smell, the texture. It’s not really there but you think the thought-forms of having chocolate. Significantly, the effect on your vibration is exactly the same as if the chocolate were really there in your mouth. It has the same power for building and manifesting as the real chocolate has.

You create a picture in your head of what you like, the chocolate, and really savour it and feel as if you have it now. Then in all things in that moment, only what you are wanting can attach to you. The things you don’t want cannot fit or attach to your vibration when your thought-forms are not a match to them. Your car has now changed to a different road. It’s no longer on the “I don’t want this but I can’t stop thinking about it” road. It’s on the chocolate road, the road of all the things you like.

Of course this analogy is a simplification to help our understanding. In reality, there isn’t one happy, fast vibration, chocolate road or one sad, slow vibration, misery road. There are a million shades of grey in between representing possible roads and possible realities. Just as there are usually many shades of grey in our thinking, some good thoughts, some not so good. But in every moment as you go through life, you attract your life experiences, section by section. Read more about how to change your negatives to positives

Creating the future you want

Your Inner Being cannot make you change your vibration to switch onto a road you like better. It wasn’t bad luck or karma that put you on a misery road, you got their because of the predominant thought-forms you were putting out. Only YOU can get onto a road you prefer, by paying attention to what you are attracting by your thought-forms. By choosing positive thoughts over negative ones. Then you start to consciously create what you do want.

So focus your thinking on things you like and want in every moment and give no attention to the things you don’t like. That’s how to stay mostly on the chocolate road where you attract what you want into your life. In addition, when you start to appreciate ALL the good things in your life at every opportunity, even the small things, you also steer your car onto the road of all the things you want. Because you start to attract more things to match that feeling of appreciation. Read more about how to free yourself from negative thinking

This is the first of 2 posts on the topic of creating our Future. The second explains how we attract the next Multiverse – which potential becomes our reality.

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Robert Hughes spoke through his medium in full trance during 2012 to 2014. He gave many details about his life in Colwyn Bay and his death in the Battle of the Somme. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace and confirm all of it. Read more about Robert Here:

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