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What creates illness? A holistic explanation


What creates illness?

What are the causes of illness?

What creates illness? Many people believe we at the mercy of our genetics. They think whatever we’ve inherited from our parents is likely to pop up in our own bodies sooner or later. But that’s not the full story of the causes of illness. Prolonged negative thinking and negative outlook can impact our health.

Yes, our genetics might mean there is an underlying susceptibility to a particular type of physical weakness. However, whether or not we trigger it is down to our own outlook and state of mind. Whether that DNA switches on or off depends on what we choose to focus on most of the time. Whether it’s thoughts that make us happy, or thoughts that make us unhappy. Stem cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton explains the science of this in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’. Epigenetics is the study of how environmental factors such as behaviour, stress and lifestyle influence whether certain genes are turned on or off.

Of course, taking regular exercise, getting proper nutrition and drinking plenty of water are extremely important to be able to maintain a healthy body. But our mental and emotional outlook has far more influence than most people realise.

How can our thinking create illness?

What you choose to think about in every moment is key. So you might have lots of things in your life that make you happy and only one thing that makes you unhappy. But if you keep focusing on the one thing that makes you unhappy, as people often do, it brings down the energy of the rest.

What makes us ill; causes of illnessSo if you often feel stressed and anxious, or if you have fear of being ill, it starts to pinch off the flow of energy from your Inner Being. This is the part of you which is non-physical and is your life force and core spiritual self. [Learn more about the Inner Being] Then when you feel ill, you start to focus on feeling bad and pinch off the energy even more. Therefore the body starts to get less and less of the energy it needs to sustain it. Without the energy it needs to sustain it, the body will decline further, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

If you are able to focus on one of the hundreds of things in your head that do make you happy, in each of those moments your Inner Being can increase the flow and give your physical body more of the healing energy it needs. But often people can only focus on feeling ill and feeling unhappy because of it. Then the restorative energy from the Inner Being gets pinched off.  So laughter really is the greatest medicine!

When people are in hospital ill, weak, or even dying, and in much fear, they look at others in their beds and feel more fear around them. This pinches off even more their flow of positive energy from their Inner Being. This is why the elderly often worsen when they go into hospital. Learn more about how to Free yourself from negative thinking

What can help prevent illness?

A positive outlook and attitude of mind also has a huge influence on aging and susceptibility to age-related illness. Who would expect to be more healthy? A person of 80 who continues to actively follow their interests and remains physically active? Or a person of 60 who feels they should sit in their chair all day because they are starting to feel tired and that’s what they saw their parents do?

When a sick person comes for energy healing, the connection to their own Inner Being opens up fully for the duration of the session. It’s the flow of healing energy which the healer can access which temporarily expands the recipient’s connection so they receive the healing energy. But it’s very important to also explain to them that whatever thought-forms they are creating determines whether they will stay healthy afterwards. (A thought-form is a thought that is often repeated and believed.) Consequently, if they return to negative thinking, they are more likely to lose the benefits of the healing sooner. They might feel much better after healing. However, if they are convinced the illness can’t be healed, they may soon return to the same state as before. Read more tips to help change the focus away from illness and towards health in Change your negatives to positives.

Is it possible to heal those who are ill by our intention regardless of their state of mind?

A person who is ill and has predominantly negative thought-forms might still be open enough to allow in the positive thought-forms of a healer or other well-wisher. This can have a very beneficial effect on their physical bodies. But it’s very important to tell them not to focus on fear and pain and being ill. They should think rather of any things that make them happy. So they can help the benefits of the healing be longer lasting. This could be hearing in their head a song they love. Or it could be imagining and tasting a food they love. Then the Inner Being can again start to flow in enough restorative energy to help them recover.

One minute of anger weakens the immune system for 4-5 hours. But one minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours. So which are you going to choose?

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My own understanding of the causes of illness, and many other things, was helped enormously by speaking to Robert Hughes. He died in World War I at the age of 19. He spoke through his medium Saesneggar in full trance. Read full details of his life and the messages he shared on

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