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Tonal Alignment

What is the Tonal Alignment?

The Tonal Alignment is a 2-part energetic activation for spiritual growth. By clearing and activating your energy meridians in a new way, it helps raise your vibration. It also expands your connection to your Inner Being, or Core Self, and to the universal energy matrix. It allows more life force energy to flow into your body for greater wellbeing. In addition it helps you become more aware of your own inner guidance system, your inner being. Powerful harmonic sound enhances the spiritual activation. You may experience physical, mental or emotional healing as part of the process.

What happens in the Tonal Alignment?

Tonal Alignment spiritual activation - Meridians by Alex Grey

You have two sessions over consecutive days. Part 1 prepares your physical and energy bodies for the activation. It clears blockages and energy congestion and repairs your ‘energetic highways’ so they can flow more efficiently. The second part activates your energy body in such a way that your Inner Being – your non-physical self – can connect more effectively with the physical you.

Harmonic vocal tones during both parts act as an energy interface or ‘transformer’. It adapts the higher, faster vibrational energy to the slower physical vibration of the human body. That means that your body can receive more faster vibrational energy.  This therefore makes the whole process more effective.  You will receive a recording of the harmonic sound to listen to afterwards, so that you can bathe in the activation energy again in the future whenever you wish.

Listening to the sound recording each night for the following 2 weeks helps to fix your new ‘Emotional Set Point‘. This is the median, or average, of your daily emotional highs and lows. Your Emotional Set Point is what determines your overall energy vibration.

When should you consider having the Tonal Alignment?

If you are unclear what your life’s purpose really is, the Tonal Alignment can start an expansion of consciousness. It helps bring clarity in your understanding of who you are and your path in life. It can help you feel more connected to your inner self than you ever have before. But the focus of this powerful process is not to bring you back into balance if you feel out of sorts or unwell. To get the maximum benefit and greatest advancement on your spiritual path, you should undertake the Tonal Alignment when you are feeling fit and positive. And  when you feel ready for a huge step forward in your life.

Get yourself in a good place first

Emotional Set Point/Emotional Guidance SystemIt’s important to maximise the potential of this powerful activation by getting your Emotional Set Point (ESP)  in a good place before you have the Tonal Alignment. The ESP is the barometer of where your energetic vibration is at currently.

This means becoming aware of any negative thinking and re-training your mind to focus more on the positives than the negatives of life.  Doing so allows you to start to attract more positive things into your life.  For this reason, it’s essential to have at least one healing session before the Tonal Alignment. I will help you identify where your own Emotional Set Point is currently at, and give you tools to improve the situation if necessary. Read about How to improve your Emotional Set Point

How clients describe this spiritual activation:

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How is the Tonal Alignment different from other spiritual activations?

This whole process is greatly enhanced by the addition of unique sound healing. Firstly, it physicalises more of the higher vibrational energies into a form that can be perceived by the human body. Secondly, it helps your physical body adjust to be more receptive to these new energies. Thirdly, the sound enables you to reconnect to the energy of the Tonal Alignment activation again afterwards. Fourthly, it helps to fix your new Emotional Set Point and faster vibrational state.

The Tonal Alignment also prepares you more before the activation by helping you improve your Emotional Set Point.

After the Tonal Alignment

After practising other forms of spiritual activation or ‘axiatonal’ alignment for 8 years (including The Reconnection), I realised that these processes tend to be far more effective and far reaching for people who are able to maintain a positive focus in their lives afterwards. For this reason, an important part of the Tonal Alignment takes place after the activation itself.

You continue to listen the sound recording from Part 2 of the alignment every night before sleeping for 2 weeks. First you get into an optimum positive state of mind using the tips I provide. This helps to ‘lock in’ the Tonal Alignment process and also helps you learn to keep your vibration positive.  As you listen to the tones again before sleeping, it means you can stay in that positive healing state while you sleep. This helps to cement the alignment and the deeper connection. It also brings healing benefits.

How much is the Tonal Alignment?

Another way the Tonal Alignment is very different is the affordable cost. Whereas other activations of this kind are usually expensive, the fee for the Tonal Alignment is around the same as 2 healing sessions. (2 sessions are required for this activation process.) So all you pay is £120, plus the cost of the healing session(s) first.  (The Reconnection organisation, for example, has set the fee for the Reconnection activation at €333.)


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