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Turquoise Healing Tones Sound Healing recording
Turquoise Healing Tones Sound Healing recording

The benefits of a personal Sound Healing recording


How does a Sound Healing recording help?

I received this interesting question from Neil Adams​ about the benefits of a personal Sound Healing recording. Neil had been using  Turquoise Healing Tones healing sounds recording for a week or so.

“Hi Christina, just wanted to say I found the healing tones very interesting and unusual. I have not come across that sort of thing before. I have now used them several times and find them very relaxing and I can feel the energy the sound healing recording gives out. In fact the more you play them the better they become. The only thing I haven’t worked out fully yet is how are they all so unique to one user and how often and why do they need to change if the one works well.”

So here is the explanation. The sound recording is healing energy put into sound form. It’s faster vibrational energy that doesn’t normally exist in the Earth environment. Faster vibrational energy is needed to balance the body, clear unwanted energy ‘blocks’ from the meridians and the chakras. It also helps to trigger the body’s own self-healing mechanism. It’s a way of physicalising fast energy so that it can be perceived and received by the human body.

Why and when do you need a new personal Healing Sounds recording?

Sound Healing recording BedfordshireWhen someone comes for healing in person, the healing energy that flows is specifically tailored for that person’s healing needs at that time. It’s different for each person, and to some degree different each time the person comes for healing because the healing may focus on a different aspect. Furthermore they will be in a different physical, mental and emotional state each  time.

It’s the same with the sound recording of Turquoise Healing Tones. The combination of healing sounds and the gaps in between are appropriate for that person at that time. Because regular listening brings healing and helps the person’s vibration change for the better, after a couple of weeks of listening it will probably no longer be a match for their energy. They might also feel tired of listening to the same sounds. That’s because it no longer matches where they are they are at energetically. So having a new recording will help them continue their healing journey and continue to raise their vibration.

Is listening to a Sound Healing recording as effective as having healing in person?

Just to clarify, Neil hasn’t been for healing in person yet as he lives some distance away. So I made a recording of the Turquoise Healing Tones for him, connecting to his energy via a photograph. Ideally it’s better to have an in-person session first, but for clients who live further away, this option can be very effective. You can have a distance sound healing session via Skype first if you wish. If you are able have a healing session in person, receiving a new sound healing recording a few weeks later is also a great way to follow up and continue the healing afterwards. It helps you to continue to expand your spiritual connection to your core non-physical self, the source of your life force and wellbeing.

So if you would like to try a personalised sound healing recording, it’s £20 for a 30 minute recording. The ideal time to listen to the healing sounds is at night before sleeping. You can also listen the sound healing as a meditation. I just need a photo of you to help me connect more strongly to your energy. Please email: to order.

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