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Access Bars points relate to head meridians

What is Access Consciousness Bars?

“It felt like the files in my brain had been cleared, like a de-frag on a computer”

Access Consciousness Bars is a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head to help remove the redundant thoughts and beliefs you’ve accumulated that are holding you back. If you’re looking for stress relief and clearing mental clutter, The Bars can help. It’s rather like cleaning up the hard drive of your mental computer. You’re hitting ‘delete’ on the junk folder and creating more space for new useful uploads. Furthermore Access Bars helps to stop those automatic self-limiting thought programmes that come up and disrupt what you’re trying to achieve.

What appears to happen is that as the practitioner touches the points which correlate to head meridians, they discharge the energy which holds the limiting beliefs in place in the neural connections of your brain. It frees up energy to help you be more energised and calmer. Many people say they feel more space in their head – as if it’s been decluttered.

Research in Access Consciousness Bars

Dr Terrie Hope, published the results of her scientific research into The Bars in the Journal of Energy Psychology in 2017. It showed that after one Access Bars session, recipients showed a significant decrease in the severity of anxiety (84.7% average) and depression (82.7% average).

Brainwave measurements before and after Access Bars showed an increase in brain coherence in all participants. Brainwave coherence is associated with communication between brain regions and optimal brain coherence is correlated with many things such as intelligence, learning ability, alertness, reaction time and creativity.

See what Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L Fannin has to say about the benefits of Access Bars

How does Access Consciousness Bars work?

The theory of Access Consciousness Bars is that there are are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life  ̶   such as body, control, creativity, communication, power, aging, sexuality and money. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

Each thought, judgement, or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to change anything in that area and your ability to receive. When you change the fixed energy, you release the limitations, blocks and difficulties around that aspect. Then you allow positive change, less effort and greater ease to come into your life.

You may choose to have the Bars as a one-off. Many people choose to have it monthly or fortnightly. The benefits are cumulative, so the more you have it the better you feel.

Cost of Turquoise Healing Tones

  • One session         £50
  • Block of 3           £120

What happens in an Access Bars session?

Access Consciousness Bars in Bedfordshire for stress reliefThis is an incredibly nurturing and very relaxing process.  All you are required to do is get comfortable and then receive.  

You lie fully clothed, on your back. The Access Bars practitioner lightly touches a series of points on your head – each for several minutes while you relax. This process releases all those redundant ‘files’ and ‘programmes’ which are holding those limiting thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious. So ease and lightness can take their place. It’s great for stress relief.

At worst you may feel deeply relaxed. At best your whole life can change for the better, with total ease, as you’ve undone the limitation in many aspects of your life.

Client Feedback about Access Bars

“I had a headache when I arrived, but it felt better at the end. The issues I had with the right side of my body felt better afterwards; my head felt lighter and the back of my head felt clearer…” Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Cambridgeshire

“After the Access Consciousness Bars session my headache felt better and my sinuses had cleared up. Since then I have felt more positive and have meditated more, and I dealt with a stressful situation very well…” Julia West, BedfordTestimonials Access Bars

What are the potential benefits of an Access Consciousness Bars session?

Access Bars near me

Access Consciousness Bars does not claim to be a alternative healing modality. However, things can happen after even just one session of releasing unhelpful stuff. Furthermore, although I’m working as an Access Bars practitioner, the other healing energy I can access flows whenever I work with a client. So you are also receiving healing. Many clients report feeling healing energy in other parts of the body while I’m running the Bars on the head.

Clients often report feelings of deep connectedness and peace during an Access Bars session. It seems to help them connect more fully with their inner, spiritual self, their Inner Being.

In the 25 years that this technique has been practised, the “Bars” have assisted many people in changing various aspects of their life. This includes health, finances, relationships, anxiety, stress and more! It is currently used in prisons, businesses and schools around the world to facilitate greater health and wellbeing.

Effects are individual but these are just some of the benefits people have reported:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced mental ‘chatter’
  • stress relief
  • Healing emotional scars
  • Releasing weight/body image issues
  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Relief from depression, suicidal thoughts or fatigue
  • Clarity of thought
  • Enhanced physical healing
  • Improved sleep
  • Clearing blocks around issues that are preventing you from moving forward
  • No longer being affected by people & situations
  • Shifting relationship trauma and drama
  • Ease around money issues
  • Easier communication
  • More kindness, peace & calm

Combine Access Bars with Indian Head Massage for complete stress relief, de-tox & relax

massage therapy near me for stress reliefFor the ultimate uplifting experience combine an Indian Head Massage with Access Bars in an hour long session. To help release stress and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back – all while you relax! The first part, the Indian Head Massage, totally relaxes the body and the mind.  It makes you more receptive to letting go of your mental stress in the second part, the Access Bars.

If anyone is looking for healing massage, go to Christina Cherry Healing. Wow is all I can say – an hour and a half ago I went in feeling very sad. I have just left having had Indian head massage and then Access Consciousness Bars and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted X thank you Christina your gift is amazing Tracy Dorrington, Potton, Bedfordshire

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Testimonials Access Bars

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