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How does Distance Healing or Remote Healing work?

Distance Healing can be just as effective as a session in my healing room in Bedfordshire, as my client feedback shows. Remote healing also has the added benefit of the healing energy being brought to you in the comfort of your own home and is even available to you if you’re the other side of the world. I can also send you if you wish, at no extra charge, a recording of vocal harmonic sound healing channelled specially for you during the distance session. This adds more to the healing experience by physicalising more faster vibrational energy for your healing and balancing. Furthermore, you can continue the healing afterwards each time you listen. The ideal time to re-listen to the recording is before you go to sleep at night. It’s also beneficial to listen while meditating.

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The fee for one session of remote healing is £33 which can be paid by Paypal using the buttons at the bottom of this page. But before making a payment, please fill in the Distance Healing Booking Form. Questions? Please email Christina

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How does a Long Distance Healing session take place?

Distant healing can be delivered in one of two ways:

long distance healing, remote healing ReikiOption 1: Via Skype – if you are able to lie down in a comfortable place close to a computer or other device with Skype. With this option you will be able to hear the channelled vocal harmonic tones during the healing. I will email you a recording afterwards.

Option 2: You email me your photo and at a time we agree in advance, you lie down alone for 30 minutes somewhere you won’t be disturbed.  Then just notice anything that occurs. Don’t try to blank your mind, meditate or focus on a positive outcome as this can interfere with the process. Just close your eyes and relax, and be open to the experience without any expectation or attachment to outcome. I will email you a sound recording after the session if you wish.

What will I experience during Distance Healing?

During the remote healing session you may feel physical sensations, or emotions, see visual images or just feel very relaxed. How much you feel during a session does not have any bearing on the healing that takes place. The healing continues working with you after the session is over, especially when you re-listen to the harmonic sound recording.  You may wish to sleep for a short while after the session – though it is better not to sleep during the session if possible as you may miss some interesting sensations. Up to 3 sessions are recommended at a time. You might feel drawn to a session Distance Reconnective Healing, with or without the additional sound recording. Reiki Distance Healing is also available.

Please be aware that healing (distant or otherwise) does not take the place of conventional medicine. It does not replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Also continue with your prescribed medication. Healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

Client results from Remote Healing sessions

After just one distance Reconnective Healing session, a large painful lump that I had on my foot has shrunk dramatically in less than 12 hours!…”

“I enjoyed all of the 3 remote healing sessions. Pain I used to have on my lower back and the bottom of my feet are gone…”

“Truly I believe your remote Reconnective Healing work has made a big difference for my son in several areas of his life; spiritually, emotionally and in his relationships and career…”

“I have suffered with back pain for years and after a fall on the ice the pain became even worse.  After just three distance Reconnective Healing sessions the pain completely disappeared and four weeks on I am still pain free…” Read more Distance Healing Testimonies

How does Remote Healing work?

For a (very!) scientific explanation of how distance, or non-local, healing is possible, see the paper entitled: Towards a Quantitative Model of both Local and non-local Energetic/Information Healing by Dr William Tiller, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University and star of the What the Bleep films []

Make your payment for Distance Healing

Each session lasts 30 minutes and  includes a recording of your personal harmonic sound healing if you request the sound healing

3 sessions are recommended for maximum benefit.

1 Distance Healing Session          £33
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2 Distance Healing Sessions        £60
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3 Distance Healing Sessions        £85
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