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How does Turquoise Healing Tones Sound Therapy work?

Turquoise Healing Tones is a unique form of hands-on energy healing combined with sound healing. The harmonic overtones and the lower resonant sounds, or undertones, are deeply restorative. They help bring you back into balance and release physical, mental and emotional blocks. The sound waves are a way of physicalising energy from the higher spiritual realms. They flow into your body at a cellular level, through the energy meridians, for healing and balancing. The sound healing helps to clear the energetic pathways and release blocks and thereby restore balance and harmony.

The addition of sound intensifies the healing and tailors it more closely to your healing needs. I provide a recording of the Sound Healing so you can continue the healing afterwards at home. If you listen to the recording with eyes closed and through earphones, the sound becomes a total sensory experience. The best time to listen is at night before sleeping so you go asleep within the healing vibrations. It’s also very effective to listen to the sounds while meditating.  It both helps your mind slide into a meditative state and brings personal healing.

I provide Sound Healing in Bedfordshire for in person sessions. It’s also possible to have a Distance Sound Healing session via Skype anywhere in the world. Some distance sound healing clients prefer to have just a personalised recording of the tones rather than a full session. Listen to a sample

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What Clients say about Turquoise Sound Healing Tones

Clients have called it ‘very deep healing, working on many levels at once’ and ‘a highly effective spiritual and emotional release’. Many have reported the disappearance of pain and some clients have even felt a realignment of their skeletal structure. Some say it has helped with physical healing, boosting energy levels, opening up intuition, giving more focus and clarity and leading to a much more positive emotional state. Many people feel that their whole body is hearing the sounds and then responding energetically as the sound codes flow in vitality, balance and restoration. They often report that the sounds vibrate and resonate in specific parts of the body, as well as resonating in their whole energy field or aura.

Those who are already on a spiritual path seem to get particular benefit from this healing. Clients who are healers themselves have also noticed a marked boost in energy in their own healing practices after a session of Turquoise Healing.

“Christina channels a healing energy which gets to the heart of what you need… you feel and sense waves of vibrational energy entering and passing through every part of you, clearing away outdated patterns of behaviour” Tania Farrell ~ Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Sandy, Bedfordshire

Client feedback on the Sound Healing

Turquoise Healing Tones Cambridgeshire

“Amazing session with Christina yesterday. I’ve just gone through a brain operation and so have been experiencing a lot of pain. My head now feels much calmer and the pain has significantly reduced. Thanks so much.. I’ll be booking some more sessions Valerie Delffori, Hertfordshire

“She uses her voice to tone into the body. The sounds emitted are very soothing and I found myself experiencing the vibrations throughout my body. The treatment left me feeling very calm and relaxed, I would certainly recommend it.” Helen Scott, Teacher, Medium & Healer, Reiki & Indian Head Massage, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

“I had no experience of sounds on this level before and was not sure what to expect. It was FABULOUS, a massive wow. I have no idea how you do this but as soon as I started listening I was in it, gone… My solar plexus, third eye and the top of my head were buzzing with energy and then my lips and hands and feet were tingling. I totally loved every second and I shall enjoy listening to this on a regular basis.” JE, Milton Keynes

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The energy of this healing resonates with the turquoise colour and gemstone, noted for its healing properties.

Experience Turquoise Healing Tones Sound for yourself

Vocal Harmonic Sound Healing adds an extra dimension to all the healing I do. It is an integral part of Turquoise Healing Tones and is also a free optional addition to the other healing therapies.  Some are high harmonic sounds with overtones, others are lower and more resonating, interspersed with rhythmical breathing sounds. Some parts sound like a language – clients often say it sounds aboriginal or Native American. Although it sounds like language, it is not meant to be understood at a conscious level. As humans are programmed to respond to language, it allows our monkey minds to feel comfortable and relaxed. This makes us more receptive to the healing. Some refer to this as light language. Listen to a sample

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It’s important to drink plenty of water to release any toxins released during the sound healing. You should not listen to these tones while driving.

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Origins of Turquoise Healing Tones

Turquoise Healing Tones has been evolving ever since my own Reconnection alignment in 2007. After it, I started to have a new form of healing energy flow, which appeared to be unique to me. (This is similar to what happened with Dr Eric Pearl, the founder of The Reconnection. He received an axiatonal alignment which then gave birth to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.) Originally I offered it just to friends, but their very positive feedback and encouragement, and the healing results they experienced, led me to bring it to my clients also.

Originally I would play Tom Kenyon‘s channelled toning from The Hathors during these healing sessions as the sounds resonated strongly with me. Then gradually I spontaneously started to produce similar sounds myself whilst healing.  I was later guided to allow the sounds to flow intuitively myself without Tom’s recordings. The harmonics and overtones have been developing and evolving every since then. The sounds intensify the process – a unique enhancement to the healing. Higher healing intelligences work with me to bring sounds of a very high vibration, specifically attuned to the client’s own energy.  

As I used this energy more and more, I then realised its strong resonance with the turquoise colour and stone. Turquoise is noted for its healing properties and associations with the throat chakra. After the tones became an integral part of this healing, I did some training in Mongolian overtone singing with UK expert Michael Ormiston to help facilitate the variety of sounds.

Based in Potton, Bedfordshire, Christina Cherry Healing is close to Sandy, Biggleswade, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, St Neots, Bedford & Cambridge.

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