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Are there Extraterrestrials, UFOs & Ligh Beings
Are there Extraterrestrials, UFOs & Ligh Beings

Extraterrestrials, UFOs & light beings


Do extraterrestials exist? Are there beings living on other planets? Do people really see UFOs and are there alien abductions?  Here are the answers from my numerous conversations with someone in spirit.

Robert Hughes died in World War 1. He spoke via his medium in full trance from 2012 to 2014. Robert spoke, not with the wisdom of a 19 year old who died 100 years ago, but with the wisdom of what he described as his Inner Being. Learn more about Robert below.

The Inner Being is a term Robert used to describe our core, non-physical self, our soul essence that flows our life force to us for the duration of our lives. It experiences every aspect of our lives and our thoughts in the same moment we do. And when we die, the energy fragment that it us flows back into the Inner Being that we originated from – our core non-physical self.  Learn more about Inner Beings

Do extraterrestrials really exist?

Extraterrestrial literally means ‘outside of earth’, of course. As Earth is the only environment we have knowledge of, we use this term to describe beings who aren’t ‘from here’. So from this perspective, yes there are billions of extraterrestrials – other beings in the universe apart from us humans. But Robert explained that they have no need to visit earth in a flying saucer – it’s far quicker and more efficient to connect energetically, like he did through his medium.

So what are these beings?

All beings are part of ONE ENERGY, all interconnected and all equally important. Some are physical beings, like us, but the majority are faster vibrational, non-physical beings, or Inner Beings. They are wave-form energy, while we are particle-form. He used the term ‘levels’ to describe the vibrational state of a consciousness at a point in time. But it’s not a hierarchy, all are equally important.

Robert was aware of Levels 1 to 5 himself, but believed there are probably more layers of even faster vibrational energy that he was unable to perceive. The Inner Beings which manifest humans are mostly at Level 1 because that is the best energy level for manifesting physical beings. There is much experience to be gained at that physical level. But it’s very hard for Inner Being with a faster vibrational level, beyond Level 1, to manifest here because they do not have the experience and energy to maintain a physical being like a human. It costs them a lot of energy.

However, some of the Inner Beings who manifest fragments of themselves here on earth, as a physical humans, may also be manifesting in other physical environments elsewhere in the universe.

How beings are interconnected

Robert compared the different levels of consciousness to the workings of a clock. There are many hundreds of pieces which all work in connection with the next piece. Some pieces of the clock mechanism are small and spin very fast. They are like the Level 5 Inner Beings – consciousnesses who have very fast energy. Some pieces are big and slow, like us physical beings on earth. They are physical particle-form, not wave-form energy. Their pieces are very heavy, very slow.

But the clock cannot work if one piece is broken. The fast spinning and the slow spinning parts are all needed. They all bring a wide variety of experiences to the whole. There are millions of different pieces of the clock in other earths – millions of Inner Beings manifesting their energy in very different environments to ours. They are flowing in beings that we might look upon as extraterrestrials, simply because they are not of earth.

All pieces of the clock work with the piece next to it – those at the next vibrational level. So a Level 1 Inner Being would find it easy to communicate and connect with a Level 2 Inner Being. But each piece cannot connect with pieces that are very different from it – when there is too much gap between their vibrations. So a Level 2 could not connect directly with a Level 4 Inner Being.  Learn more about Our place in the multidimensional universe

Are there aliens or extraterrestrials living on other planets on other galaxies?

ExtraterrestrialsWe only have knowledge of this Earth environment, but there are many other environments, physical and non-physical which we have no knowing of. They are in the same now, and some exist as other dimensions of the same space-time. Level 2 environments and above do not ever manifest as physical, but are wave-form energy.

Robert explained that there are many hundreds of Level 1 physical particle environments like Earth. They have physical beings like us, which we might consider aliens or extraterrestrials. Though they don’t necessarily have humanoid appearance. They also have a wide variety of beasts like we have animals. However none would ever be in travelling distance of earth, and their energy is so vastly different, none could ever exist in our earth environment if they could get here. Nor could we exist in theirs.

The newer Inner Beings manifest in physical environments. But most Inner Beings do not need to, as they can have faster energy as wave-form – non-physical. There are many more non-physical environments than physical ones. Inner Beings from the faster energy levels will manifest in different kinds of environment suited to their energy. They will choose hundreds of different environments for variety of experience. Varied learning flows from the great diversity of manifestations in different environments, through their Inner Beings into the one consciousness for the expansion of the whole.

So what is happening when people believe they have experienced Alien Abduction by extraterrestrials?

Often this stems from an intense dream and the interpretation the person’s monkey mind has put on the experience. Sometimes the person’s own Inner Being may have chosen to show this. Not to make them afraid, but to get them to pay attention to an important message the Inner Being wants to communicate. Occasionally, it might be a message the Inner Being wants to pass on to a wider group of people. So it might use striking images to get the message across.

If the human is not listening to guidance from the Inner Being, it may choose to show a dramatic image to get the person to pay attention. This could be an ‘Ascended Master’, an angel, or what the person imagines an ET to look like. Alternatively, it could be a religious character or an image that the person interprets as a past life. The Inner Being knows us better than we know ourselves so it chooses an image that it knows will resonate with us, and we will respond to.

What is happening then when people see UFOs?

Robert explained that there are many hundreds of other non-physical beings in our environment. But as their energy is very different and much faster, we are unable to see them. Occasionally an Inner Being in this environment might choose to show itself as an orb or spirit light. Some people can occasionally perceive spirit orbs with the naked eye, though this isn’t common. Sometimes they appear in photographs. Non-physical beings are also able to record their energy on some of our electrical/electronic devices. They may choose to do so as a form of communication with us.

Are there UFOsBut non-physical beings don’t need to get in an extraterrestrial spaceship to come and visit.  All beings have an energy fingerprint. So a non-physical Inner Being would simply tune into that energy signature to connect with another. They don’t have speech like we do, but communicate and connect via thought-forms.

It’s Inner Beings that are flowing the life force energy both into humans on earth and into diverse beings in other environments. So there is no need for us to travel to a faraway physical environment to learn all about the ‘ETs’ there, even if such space travel were possible. It’s much simpler and more effective to share information at the Inner Being level.

Robert said ‘spaceships’ are creations of our Earth environment. Some are experimental prototype aircraft, which might be undergoing secret testing. They might also be powered by new types of energy. But most of them are hoaxes.

Do we have light beings helping with healing?

As explained above, there is only one energy with many different parts at different speeds and energy power. What we think of as light beings are energy forms which our physical body cannot see, feel, smell, or hear because they are at a faster energy level. There are Inner Beings who specialise in healing and choose to invest their energy in ‘pools’ for healing. [Pools are collectives of focused interest where Inner Beings of many different levels invest energy.]

These consciousnesses, or ‘light beings’, are not always in our physical environment. But they will cross our environment only when they choose to. For example, they may wish to bring a new form of healing energy to the earth environment, now that the Earth’s vibration has speeded up enough to flow it. The Inner Being of a healer may invite the flow of energy from one of these light beings when a particular form of energy is needed to heal a sick person, or part of the earth environment. But always it will only flow through, and be invited by, the person’s own Inner Being. Sometimes it might come from our Inner Being’s own Inner Being. Learn more about Inner Beings

Are we descended from Pleiadians, Sirians or Arcturians?

Robert said these are names and stories invented by man to help us feel comfortable with something we cannot understand or explain yet. He compared it to the old story of when a child cannot understand where his baby brother has come from and his mother tells him the stork brought it. Then when he is older, he can understand the truth without feeling threatened. But when he was young, it served a purpose to help him feel comfortable with the situation.

The word Pleiadian has come to represent the idea of an experienced being, not from this environment. It’s a name  we associate with ‘higher’ healing energies. But it’s not a manifest thing or a race of beings. It’s a picture or a story adopted to help our understanding. It helps us relate to these energies if we can imagine a physical form. What healers might perceive as a Pleiadian energy might actually be a being from a healing pool, coming to lend it’s faster energy to their own Inner Being.


Some people feel comforted to think they are ‘starseeds’ – descended from a wiser ‘alien’ race. Especially if they don’t feel comfortable in their lives here, believing their home is another planet can seem to provide an explanation for why they are ill at ease. What they might be sensing in reality is a gap between themselves and their Inner Being, which is their true nature, their true home.  As a person learns to expand their connection with their Inner Being, they start to feel truly at home wherever they are. Learn how to expand your connection to your Inner Being

From a human perspective, the Inner Being can, in fact, seem to be ‘from the stars’.  As we start to become more aware of the faster vibrational energy of our inner self, it can indeed feel a bit alien to begin with. In reality, we are all descended from ancient and wise races of beings from outside of earth through the continuum of the levels or layers of Inner Beings. Robert explained that our Inner Being has its own Inner Being that it emerged from at the next level. And so it continues through the faster vibrational levels. Like a set of nesting Russian dolls, each layer ‘bigger’ in energy than the last.

Time to let go of stories

Robert is saying humans have now evolved enough to know the reality – to see beyond the stories. This is the reason why Robert’s Inner Being invested a lot of its energy to learn to communicate through a trance medium. So that he could share with people that they have an Inner Being. That rather than being an extraterrestrial energy, it is in fact their own core nature, their non-physical self. Often people cling too much to their chosen story and feel the need to destroy anything that threatens it. Someone who favours a different belief for example. People are possessive of their existing beliefs. But if we are not prepared to consider new understandings, we limit our ability to grow and evolve.

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Robert Hughes gave many details about his life in Colwyn Bay and his death in the Battle of the Somme. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace and confirm all of it. Learn more about Robert here: 

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