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The Reconnection

What is The Reconnection spiritual alignment?

It was after my own Reconnection in 2007 that the healing energy of  Turquoise Healing Tones began to emerge. The Reconnection was a gateway to help expand my connection to my inner non-physical self so that more healing energy could flow. I became a practitioner of The Reconnection that same week. It helped me step into my life’s purpose and expand my connection to my spiritual core self, my Inner Being.

“I am so glad I had The Reconnection with you. The experience was amazing and so I would definitely recommend it. I could feel parts of my body being worked on including my skeleton and inner body. It felt like there was an energetic heat rod going up the centre of me and I felt as if energetic lines were criss-crossing over me. The first day I felt more especially on the left side of my body and the second day on the right.  I feel totally connected and at one all the time with no separation. I have had more clarity and everything seems brighter.” Diana, Milton Keynes

“My heartfelt thanks to you for your time in introducing me to this amazing new chapter in my energetic progression.” John R, Arlesey, Herts  

The addition of Sound Healing

After I had been practising The Reconnection for 6 years, I had clear guidance to create a new spiritual activation combined with and enhanced by the healing tones. These sounds first emerged following my own Reconnection. This became the Tonal Aligment. I have now carried out around 65 of these spiritual activations with very positive outcomes and feedback. Read Feedback

The Tonal Alignment has some similar aspects to The Reconnection in that it is a two-part energetic alignment which takes the form of two activation sessions over consecutive days. It also works via the body’s meridians and energy points. However, the focus of the Tonal Alignment is very specific and far reaching as it enables your Core Self to connect more closely with you. The first part of the process clears blocks and repairs the ‘energetic highways’ of the body. This then allows faster vibrational energy from the Core Self to flow into the physical self. The second part makes the new connections. This expands the flow of life force energy. It also helps balance the body for better health and in many cases opens up the intuition.

People often experience physical or emotional healing as part of the process. Those who are healers themselves, or who do other spiritual work, often report significant changes in their own work following the Tonal Alignment.

What’s the advantage?

The Tonal Alignment has the added advantage of providing a recording of the Sound Healing part. When you listen to this each night for the following two weeks, it helps to anchor your new faster vibrational state. It also helps your physical body adjust more quickly to flowing faster energy. Another difference with the Tonal Alignment is that the cost is much more accessible. It’s the same price as two healing sessions as you receive the alignment over two sessions.