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“The Tonal Alignment was a more intense experience than the healing I’ve had with you before. I felt tingling throughout the body and a feeling of great happiness and contentment. In the second part I had a lots pressure in my third eye.

Since the Tonal Alignment I feel very different – less judgemental and calmer.  I’ve been dealing with challenges differently and been less stressed by them, so much so that my friends have noticed and commented. I’m meditating every day and have had more insights. I’ve noticed self-critical patterns I had and been able to change them. It’s also had a positive effect on my relationships with others.” Clare B, Ampthill

“Thank you so much for these Tonal Alignment sessions Christina. It seems I have been waiting many life times for this energy to come through. The first day was like an energetic realignment. The healing tones went right through me, as well as pin rays of light that streamed through my entire body.  My energy field was restored and balanced.

As soon as I lay on the table for part 2, I was asked to surrender to this energy, then it was like a sheet was pulled out of me and everything went white – a blank slate like everything I thought I knew up to that point had been erased. I was reminded to stay in the now moments. I felt that the energy you connect to is very important and that the vocal sound is a gateway to infinite energetic environments. I was aware of higher energy beings and felt some urgency. The tones are awesome! I’ve been getting much clearer intuition and guidance. Remote viewing and other gifts are being restored. Listening to the tones again afterwards seems to be clearing a lot from my head.

  • 9 months after the Tonal Alignment: Since having the Tonal Alignment I’ve been feeling much clearer and ready for action. It has been a continuing expansion for me and allowed me to connect many higher level understandings.” Keith Doll, Big Rock Wellness, Alberta, Canada

Feeling greater connection to the Inner Self and inner peace

“The Tonal Alignment was so powerful. This is a WOW! I could feel the energy changes happening in my body during the activation – sensations I have never felt before in healing. I could also feel a lot going on afterwards, my whole body was tingling. It’s incredibly powerful. It feels like I’m saying ‘Hello’ to my Inner Being in a new way – I feel connected to my inner self in a deeper way than before.” Karen Flintoff, Chiropractor, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Langford

“At the end of the first part of my Tonal Alignment I had the most intense lovely feeling that I have ever known. Being in that energy I felt the most personal connection to my Inner Self that I had ever felt, it made me feel like laughing and crying at the same time. I have never felt the connection before on that intensely personal level. The second part (which I had by distance via Skype) was as intense as the first and at the end I felt such a peace and oneness that was beautiful.

I listened to recording of the tones afterwards as recommended to consolidate my new vibrational state. The first week my palms immediately became hot and the warmth spread up arms to top half of body. The second week was the same, except after the top half became warm, the soles of my feet also became hot – spreading to bottom half of body!”  Peter Roovers, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Romford, Essex

“Thank you very much for the wonderful service. I am feeling full of energy and feeling great after the Tonal Alignment. I would definitely recommend your services to others as you are such a wonderful human being dedicated to helping people. The energy is always with me now, it is my guidance and my “North Star”. May the Force always be with you. I know you will help many others as you helped me. With Love” Radomir Bajic, Bedford  Read more about the Inner Being

Overcoming longstanding sadness

“Thank you for an amazing 2 sessions of the Tonal Alignment! Part one has helped me to clear a feeling of sadness about something that happened 26 years ago (yes 26). I feel free of this at last!!! Part two was equally amazing. I felt lots of positive energies sweep through my body. It felt as though I was almost floating in the air, with the exception of my hands which seemed to be twice their size and connected to the earth! I felt peace and strength throughout the session and afterwards a connection to the energies of the universe. I felt contentment, knowing, strength and as if I was plugged into universal knowledge. Overall a magical experience which I am sure will strengthen my spiritual progress. Thank you so much!!” John Woods, Tama-Do Sound Healing practitioner, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Better sleep and reduced stress

1: “The Tonal Alignment was a magical experience and I feel happy in the energy. I felt really relaxed during the session. That night it started raining and in my sleep I could see the raindrops like drops of light falling from the sky – so wonderful. It seems like there is a lot to do yet somehow I can easily get a lot done now. I just want to stay in the flow and Inner Being. It’s lovely, thank you.

2: Since the Tonal Alignment I’ve been listening to the tones as you recommended. I slept very well after listening to them. I’ve been feeling more at ease, a new me, less stressed and more confident, feeling the energy and learning to grow with it and happy. I’m also feeling myself more in my own space and less in a caring role to others. Thank you.” Prakswr Misstry, Bradford

“The Tonal Alignment was a great experience. On Part 1, I felt a relaxed & indescribable brightness that moved from the right & seemed to re-enter through the left. I was able to let myself flow with it. On Part 2, it was the same but way deeper relaxed feeling. I have religiously listened to the recordings Christina Cherry provides every night & I sleep so wonderfully well & feel so at peace when I wake up. Truly awesome experience.Letty Buron, Houston, Texas

Overcoming longstanding fears

“My experience of the Tonal Alignment was one of those ‘wow’ moments. I would suggest that when you book yours you put aside some ‘me’ time because I slept for a few days afterwards. Or maybe that was just what I needed, because I had been an insomniac since my mum died when I was 6. With the first part of the Tonal Alignment I believe saw pictures of the issues that had created my disconnection from my soul – in my case the death of loved ones, including animals.  I saw pictures but with no emotional attachment. With the second part I saw pictures of the scenes of me hearing of the deaths, and then the scenes of the funerals.  This may sound morbid but it wasn’t.  It was as if I was being shown that there was nothing for me to fear, because life is in fact eternal.

The morning after the second part I woke in the early hours and was shown that I needed to take part in this healing.  That I needed to change my mind-set in order for the changes to be complete; that I needed to steer my own ship.  I saw that I need to steer my life by focusing on what makes me feel happy; what makes me feel ‘aah’ and not what makes me feel ‘blurgh’ because this would keep me in the stream of wellbeing.” Amanda Sleigh, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner, Practitioner of Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapy, Bedford

Expansion of own healing and physical improvements

“Thank you so much Christina for my 2 day Tonal Alignment and healing. After years of aching hands due to fibromyalgia, they are feeling much better. It was truly an amazing experience and one which I will definitely be having again. During part 1 I felt a surge of energy coming through my hands. It felt like I was part of the energetic grid. In part 2 it felt like someone was trying to put crystal balls and colours into my hands.

I went somewhere I had never been before. It felt like all my past unpleasant experiences were being put into words and taken away. Since the Tonal Alignment, my whole mindset is so much more positive and I’ve had much more energy. I am feeling different energies when I do healing myself and I keep seeing the emerald green colour I saw with you. It’s getting stronger the more I access them. Christina you are a very powerful healer and I would recommend you to anyone.”Debbie Rowe, Energy & Crystal Healer, Stotfold, Bedfordshire

Improved intuition/clairvoyance

“During my two Tonal Alignment sessions with Christina I experienced a calmness and peacefulness that was wonderful. A perfect relaxation. Since then I have felt more balanced and am definitely able to stay stress free. I also feel a stronger connection with my own Inner Being and a stronger clairvoyant connection to others in my work. This has helped my physical well being too. Life seems much better now.” Linda Ferguson, Clairvoyant Medium & Crystal Healer, Bedfordshire

“I really enjoyed the whole experience of the Tonal Alignment sessions with Christina. I felt refreshed, very positive and happy after them. The difference I have noticed within myself is I am generally more intuitive and aware. I am also very sensitive in picking up on others feelings and moods. I would highly recommend these sessions to help with the connection to the next level on your spiritual journey.”  Mandy Halsey, Newport Pagnall

Tonal  Alignment compared with The Reconnection

“I had The Reconnection a year ago and felt a lot of benefit from that at the time. But it is interesting that I found the new Tonal Alignment stronger and more powerful.  I also preferred  the vocal sounds aspect of this alignment. I especially like the deep sounds. Day one of the alignment felt like a cleansing and preparation, and I also had some cleansing going on that night! I think it increased the effectiveness being able to listen to the tones again before I went to sleep. The second sitting was amazing, especially what I saw and felt – it was very powerful and felt stronger than the first day.

I saw gridlines again, like I did with The Reconnection, and at the beginning I got a strong sensation starting at my head and going down my body. It was almost like each cell of my body was being switched off temporarily, or frozen with a silver light. Then straight away it all switched back on again. It was like it was being re-booted.   I would highly recommend this process. I have been listening to the recording of the tones again since then – interestingly my guides keep telling me to.” 

4 weeks later: “I have been working (as a medium) again! Which I am loving, and feeling good. My body is feeling good too – very positive. Loving life and all the experiences and giggling to myself a lot. More awareness  and acceptance. Being in my joy with whatever is going on. I was on the way, it’s just more heightened now, if that makes sense. Thank you for retuning me – an amazing experience xxx” Diana, Clairvoyant Medium, Milton Keynes

Help with positive thinking

“I went to Christina to have the Tonal Alignment for spiritual acceleration. Christina’s famous tones are the order of the day. It helps to keep positive thoughts in place. Christina’s is the power conducter whose healing energy is transferred from the outer realms to the client. For me personally I had my hearing loss due to a bad illness. I had tone tests done at the hospital and I could not hear them. But I do detect Christina’s tones very effectively.

A very individual healer in her own right and one of the best. As for me whose health is pretty battered, I appreciate that this lady has her hand on the pulse and can direct where it’s needed. It’s painless and very effective. Christina is able to adjust the healing accordingly to the individual. I would highly recommend Christina. She is one of the best out there. Don’t just take my word for it, try it – you may just surprise yourself.” Martin Roberts, Medium, Cambridge  Read tips to change your negatives to positives

General Feedback

“During the Tonal Alignment I felt lots of jolts alternating on each side throughout the process and a feeling of rewiring at times. It definitely it felt like I was getting an activation or alignment. I can feel a strong energy in my head, sort of like a crown of energy, yet I also feel grounded. With this activation and other things I have started recently, I will be functioning on a whole new level. I feel like I am being aligned on many levels.” Chalise Kemp, Calgary, Canada

“I found the tonal alignment activation an amazing experience. During part 1 I could feel what I can only describe as complete cleansing around the solar plexus – clearing blocks. Afterwards everything just felt as it should be and gave me a bit of a bounce in my step! During part 2 I was able to allow myself to really go into deep relaxation which I have struggled with in the past and I knew this was my learning curve to help me with meditation – something I have done every day since whilst listening to Christina’s tones (recorded at the time). The whole experience has left me feeling balanced and connected (to life!).” Emma Butterworth, Preston

Tonal Alignment Testimonials