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Testimonials The Reconnection

Experiences after The Reconnection

Reconnective Healing Bedfordshire“Since I had The Reconnection with you I have felt big shifts. I feel much more aware of guiding beings around me when I am meditating and it’s like I’m able to get into the fabric of everything. I had vibrational tingles in the sacral chakra for a couple of days after. 

I have become much more aware of our potential as people. I feel more positive about myself, and I am more grounded in connecting or accepting all aspects of life into my experience, so I think the manifestation of these changes is the message, and to me it says that everything is good and how it is supposed to be. During the Reconnection it felt like the energy was being grounded to the earth and I was the conductor. On the first day it felt like it was about putting in the framework and on the second day it was being filled in. I could feel my body pulsating from the inside.” C Birch, Bedfordshire

“Since my Reconnection I feel like my personality has really changed, it’s a bit like being a different person. I’m a lot more decisive and go-getting. That’s the best way I can describe it.  I did have some emotional clearing during the couple of weeks after the Reconnection.  The last couple of weeks I’ve really started to feel the energies. When I go to bed at night I feel it all over and if I close my eyes I can feel the rapid eye movement I experienced during the sessions. I’ve tried to see if I can keep my eyes still to check it’s not just me doing it on purpose, but when I’m connecting to the frequencies, I physically can’t keep them still.” JW, Medway

“I have had some interesting experiences since my Reconnection. After the last part I woke up during the night and it felt like I was in the middle of a really intense session. I was feeling all the things I felt at the session – the tugging and pulling and buzzing etc, but really intensely. It was different to the session in that the sensations were not localised, it was like my entire body was being treated at the same time. I was also aware of being enveloped in what I can only describe as an “energetic cocoon”. It was really amazing and I tried to keep with it for as long as I could but eventually slipped back into sleep.

For a few days after the Reconnection I had a distinct buzz going, with my hands tingling pretty much constantly and an intermittent but tangible swirling of energy in my head region. The sensations slowly faded over about 10 days so I picked up my copy of The Reconnection book and started to read the back section again. With focus I am finding I can feel the energies in meditation.

Sometimes I can play around with it in my hands as instructed in the book and have fun bouncing it between hands and stretching it, but more often it seems to spread all over, and seems to like concentrating itself in my head area. I can feel it swirling around there and experience a firm pressure on my temples, the same as I experienced in the sessions. My heartfelt thanks to you for your time in introducing me to this amazing new chapter in my energetic progression.” John R, Arlesey, Herts 

“Six weeks after The Reconnection I still feel very different, if anything I’m changing more as time goes on. Physically I feel tingling up right leg and crown of head immediately when I send out a “hi” to spirit. Mentally I am so very happy, I notice many little things in the day that give me a quick happy excited little tingle like pins and needles. When I see something that would have made me negative I automatically seem to move quickly into imagining what I’m changing to make this good, then I’m making the changes. Decisions I’d put off for ages have just flowed now.   I feel more like ME than I’ve felt for years and I’m very happy – hope it stays like this forever!  A very big thank you Christina, it was lovely to meet you and I’m keen to stay in touch.” Elaine, Milton Keynes 

Experiences during The Reconnection

“I am so glad I had The Reconnection with you. The experience was amazing and I would definitely recommend it. I could feel parts of my body being worked on including my skeleton and inner body. It felt like there was an energetic heat rod going up the centre of me and I felt as if energetic lines were criss-crossing over me. The first day I felt more on the left side of my body and the second day on the right.  I feel totally connected and at one all the time with no separation. I have had more clarity and everything seems brighter.” Diana, Milton Keynes

“During the first part of my Reconnection I had a great sense of being in direct contact with the essence of my being, my pure light essence, and feeling loved by the earth.  I received the message that I am not my mind or personality – this is not who I truly am, only a very small aspect of all that I am.  It was amazing to experience a conscious connection with my soul. That night I had a very clear symbolic dream which echoed the message of me being so much more than my brain or my consciousness. The second day I saw a clear visual image of intertwining DNA strands crossing over along the length of my body and I saw how they were connected to the gridlines of the earth and of the universe.” EC, Calgary

“Throughout my Reconnection my hands tingled, I felt twitches in my toes and sensations in other parts of my body, saw colours and pictures and heard sounds.  During the second part, I had the sensation that my left leg had been drawn back making a right angle at the knee and that my left arm had moved across the top of my body to the right and yet I knew that I was still lying flat on the bed!  Afterwards  I felt a little tired, which I hadn’t the first day, but I’ve been energized since and feel more positive in my thoughts than usual. 

Testimonials The ReconnectionAfter both days, I had tingles in my hands and inner forearms and have been getting them on and off since.  I have been experiencing sensations around my head as though someone is stroking my hair, which I sometimes get, but they are stronger and more frequent now. And I felt a distinct touch on my hip one time – it made me jump and spin round to see who it was!

Since the Reconnection I definitely feel I have more energy, my health is excellent. I have a more positive state of mind and feel happier generally.  I think I’m more content with life whereas before I was always ‘searching for something’. I still feel the energy strongly in my palms when I set the intent for it to flow and a couple of times in my development circle, I’ve heard far off voices similar to those I first heard while you were doing the Reconnection.  Thank you again for your healing and the wonderful experience of The Reconnection.”  Lynne Dawe, Usui Reiki Master, Calgary 

Physical improvements after The Reconnection

“Since I had a healing session and The Personal Reconnection from Christina, I felt great peace and those sessions brought me back in my life path. 1 year after the sessions, I found out my intestine problem since birth had become normal. I was coping with this problem very well, so I did not even think of it. It was great surprise! Christina moved to UK shortly after I became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner myself but I really enjoyed working with her and her knowledge of Reconnective Healing principles & practice is sound.” Isuzu Kanada, MELT Method, Yoga Instructor, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Calgary

Healers connected to a stronger healing flow after The Reconnection

“I really want to thank you for an excellent Reconnection.  I am very pleased and will happily recommend you to anyone who will listen.  I do feel that my ability to receive universal energy for Healing Touch  has been enhanced.  It feels to me that I am able to connect more quickly and the energy stream is stronger. Thanks again.” Lu Harmesynn, Healing Touch therapist, Calgary

“It took a while for me to finish processing from my Reconnection which was AMAZING.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for it.  I feel more myself than I have in years and have such a deeper sense of I AM after my experience.  I also have noticed that when I do any kind of energy work, the connection, or what I’m tapping into, is different.  My right hand in particular seems to be constantly ‘twitching’ as if communicating with the other person’s or animal’s energy field. It’s very interesting and I notice that when I am in healing mode my hands are achy in the joints, almost like an arthritis feeling.  It’s kind of strange because I’ve never had that before.”  Nicholl Tate, Energy Worker, Edmonton  

“After my Reconnection, my whole body was vibrating pretty much the rest of the day. I went to shopping after [maybe not the best idea] and I felt as if I wasn’t really all there…I’m not exactly sure where the rest of me was… I can’t quite put it into words, it was a bit like being energized – larger in my being, if that makes sense, with a sense of calmness. I also had this beautiful feeling of happiness and ‘nothing much matters’ well being. Stuff that would normally bother me, like traffic, didn’t. I was in some kind of flow, almost like slow motion. Very cool! Thank you again!”  Deborah Elliot, Millarville

Life changing in many ways after The Reconnection

“Thanks, Christina, for the amazing experience of the Reconnection. My soul feels full and connected to Source.  Even after writing all this down, I don’t believe that words can really convey the feelings that I experienced during the sessions.

Day 1: At first I could hear a high pitched humming, like you would hear from speakers.  I went back to thinking about my intention to open myself up to hearing from Source.  I then briefly heard another very low tone, like you would hear during a hearing test.  At different times during the session my legs jerked and responded, and once towards the end of the session, my arms and hands jerked too.

Day 2: As soon as the session started, I could feel the tingling of my 3rd eye, the sensation grew stronger until it felt like my entire head was breathing.  My whole body started tingling; this grew quite strong and then all the tingling went into my arms and hands.  My hands started to feel as if they were surrounded with energy – a magnetic field around them almost like gloves. And in my mind I could see them glowing. I could feel my hands actually start to lift off the table very slowly and as they raised I felt them gathering energy from the earth.  I just stayed like that for a long time, just drinking in as much energy as I could.

Then my focus shifted to letting the energy flow through my body. Then my hands and my arms started moving on their own and they did this for quite a while. If I tried to stop them, they would just move more, and more strongly.  During the session, besides the amazing feelings in my body, I had this feeling of absolute bliss at being able to actually feel all the energy and the connection. Lori Smith, Foundation Coaching, Calgary

AFTER THE RECONNECTION… Christina, I wanted to tell you what has been happening for me since the Reconnection. Firstly some weird things happened right after, like all my batteries were dead in any personal devices. But then sooo many exciting things have happened in the last 2 months.  Career-wise some great things have just lined themselves up for me.

Firstly I met international coach David Wood, who has become an awesome mentor for me. Secondly I have had several interviews with Online Radio Stations and have more lined up, and other career developments. And now, between the July full moon, when I first got the idea for an exciting new project, and the next full moon of August 18, everything has fallen into place for me. I’m already working on the new project and positive life changes are under way, including an exciting move to Kelowna!

The one thing that I wanted to gain was a closer connection directly to Source.  I have been working on my meditation, with the aim of connecting to the power that I felt during my Reconnection. Then one night on the full moon, I tried to connect and just took myself back to your healing room. In a moment I was connected and just streaming power – it was even stronger than at your house.  I had much more control over the energy flowing through me and I was able to turn the volume up and down.  Wow! ” Lori Smith, Foundation Coaching, Calgary