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Multiverses - Creating your future
Multiverses - Creating your future

Multiverses & parallel realities

Scientists talk about multiverses and parallel realities, but how does this relate to us? Here is the explanation from someone in spirit of how we determine which of the potential parallel realities we will experience.

Robert Hughes died in World War 1, but spoke via his medium in full trance 2012-2014. He spoke to share the wisdom of what he called his Inner Being. This is the core, non-physical self, our soul essence that flows our life force to us.  Learn more about Inner Beings

The physics community likes to debate the exact meaning of multiverses. In simple terms, it means there are many hundreds of different versions of now. All are probable. All are possible parallel realities. And all of the different possible multiverses in the universe have a different vibration.

You always have a vibration too. It might be a happy, positive vibration or an unhappy, negative vibration. Or often somewhere in between. When you are happy and focusing on the positives in your life, your vibration is fast. But continually focusing on the negatives in your life, or prolonged sadness/depression slows the vibration. You might have many things happening in your now, but it’s how you react to them all that determines your overall vibration, your Emotional Set Point. Learn how to improve your Emotional Set Point

You attract your future

Manifest your futureYour vibration in any moment is a match to one of those multiverses. Moment by moment, your vibration attracts, like a magnet, that version of reality that best matches your current vibration. So this becomes what you experience next. You attract one of those parallel realities and it manifests for you. All of the possible multiverses are real, but only one of them manifests for you. You are choosing it by your vibration.

And you determine your vibration by the thought-forms you are creating. A thought-form is a thought that is repeated often and believed. As we repeat a thought frequently in our mind, it gathers momentum (energy).  Thoughts with sufficient momentum manifest a thought-form. And it’s the thought-forms that attract your next experience.

Focusing on the negatives or the positives

You might have 9 things in your life you are happy about and 1 thing you are unhappy about, but human tendency is to focus on the thing you are unhappy about. Repeated worrying about this one thing becomes your dominant vibration. So you are creating thought-forms about what you don’t want. That brings also down the energy of the other 9 things you were previously happy about, and attracts the multiverse of the not-wanted into your reality.

You need to choose instead to focus your attention on things that bring you joy. It doesn’t matter whether you are appreciating something you already have, or whether you are feeling the feeling of having something new you want. Just make yourself excited about the thing you like or want as if you had it already. Or feel gratitude for the many good things, big and small you have in your life already. So then your dominant thought-form is of things you want, that make you happy.  Therefore future things come from that wanted multiverse, because it’s now a vibrational match. Read more about how to Change your negatives to positives

Foreseeing your probable future multiverses

parallel realities - multiversesYour Inner Being is able to know which of the multiverses are close to your current vibration, as it knows your thoughts and your moods (it is you). If your vibration seems stable and not very changeable at that time, it can see which of the probable parallel realities you will attract.

But it can never be certain. You might be very happy, but suddenly see or hear of something that makes you very sad, such as the death of a child. Consequently your vibration in that moment is very different to your vibration in the previous moment. You are then attracting a different multiverse, a different manifestation.

So your Inner Being might then flow different emotion to you to try to change your mood. But many people are not aware or open to the energy of their inner self, so they might choose to ignore it. You always have the choice, whether to listen to your Inner Being or not.

How far ahead can the Inner Being see?

Your spirit self is not able to see your whole year, month or week ahead. It can only see the highest probability for you if you stay at the same vibration. Some aspects might appear more clear-cut than others. But since your vibration can change from moment to moment, the future you are attracting will also change.

Your future is not written in any book. Your life is not predestined by your inner self. It’s not pre-written before your birth. Your Inner Being has chosen to manifest into a particular place and time, but your life plan is not written; you determine your life as you live it.  Your future is always created in the now moment by your vibration, which attracts what comes next.

Does your Inner Being influence your future?

The Inner Being has no control over its human fragment (that’s us), it is not a puppeteer.  It chooses where and when to manifest (incarnate) the human part. It can choose what genetics to draw on from the parents. It can base its choosing of the circumstances of birth in order to have the highest probability of experiencing the type of life it hopes to have.

But once you are incarnate here, the Inner Being has no more choosing. You have free will and you are completely responsible for your own life. Everything is your choice, from your head, your thought-forms, your vibration. You create your future based on two things:

  • conscious life choices, eg choice of partner or career
  • your vibration in every moment (which also comes from your choosing of whether to focus your attention mostly on the things you like, or the things you don’t like)

Your Inner Being can see the different parallel realities you could attract, but it cannot make one of those options manifest for you. Only your vibration is what manifests. Your inner self can try to guide you by giving you emotions and brief thoughts, but always your own choice is the key.  But we can, and often do, choose to ignore our inner promptings. Importantly it’s the thoughts we choose to dwell on most often – about things we like or things we don’t like – that determine our current vibration and therefore what we will attract next.

At the mercy of fate?

Positivity - multiversesWe are aware of our deliberate choices, but we like to use words like luck, karma, fate and coincidence for everything else.  There is no such thing as luck or synchronicity, what it boils down to is attraction. When people have a spate of things they don’t like happening in their lives, they often say they are going through some bad luck.

What is really happening is that they are continuing to focus on something they don’t like that has just happened. That’s what keeps attracting more experiences to match that vibration that they are putting out. But it’s easier to lay the blame on some imagined external force, and feel a victim of it, rather take responsibility for what they are attracting and change their thinking and focus. Learn more secrets about the Law of Attraction 

Or sometimes people try to attract something they want, but their monkey-mind doubts that is is really working, especially if it taking longer than they hoped. This doubting then cancels out the energy and momentum that they had put into the attracting thought-forms. Desperation to have something can also create negative energy around it. Read more about how to change your negative thinking

Choose how you want to feel, regardless of circumstances

manifest joySo the most important thing is to choose be happy, regardless of what is happening in your life. Then you determine and manifest a future life which matches what you want – more things that make you happy. In fact, it’s particularly effective when you are going through a difficult time and STILL manage to keep your focus positive and STILL keep appreciating the good things in your life, however small. Because when you can pivot your mood back to a positive one, even after an experience you don’t like, it gives much more positive momentum to your vibration than when you’re just happy because everything in the garden is already rosy. It’s also very empowering, because you realise your happiness no longer depends on external circumstances. Learn more about dealing with challenges

So of course, it’s also important to get clear on exactly what you really do want first. Then focus on those things as often as possible and feel every aspect of them as if they already exist for you. This is how you give it enough momentum for the thought-form to attract the future reality you want. You choose and then have passion for what you have chosen. Read more about Manifesting your dreams and how to get out of your own way

This is the second of two blog posts on the subject of how we create our future. The first relates to Foretelling the future.

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Robert Hughes spoke through his medium in full trance during 2012 to 2014. He gave many details about his life in Colwyn Bay and his death in the Battle of the Somme. He also gave his army number and we were able to trace and confirm all of it. Learn more about Robert Hughes here:

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