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Learn how to manifest your dreams
Learn how to manifest your dreams

Manifesting your dreams – and how to get out of your own way


What is the key to manifesting your dreams? How do we get the Law of Attraction to work?

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction – but does it really work? The key to manifesting your dreams and whatever you want in life is to practise FEELING often the joy that you will have when what you want has manifested. You need to feel that joy in your present moment because if you see it in the future, it will stay in the future. Conscious creation requires you to feel as if what you want has already manifested. Then it’s just a short step for your reality to match your vibration.

Thoughts become things

What we manifest in our lives comes from our thought-forms. A thought-form is a thought which is repeated many times and believed. So when you believe ‘I can’t have this’ or ‘I can’t do this’, then the truth is you can’t have it and you can’t do it. Your thought-forms manifest in your reality to match the vibration of ‘can’t have’, ‘can’t do’. But once you understand this is how conscious creation works, you can change the course of it. You gain mastery of this Law of Attraction.

Choose instead to often think ‘I can do this’, ‘I can have this’. But you have to really feel it in your gut. Know what you want, imagine every aspect of it, and then flow the passion of having it in the NOW. You should live in your head as if you already have what you want. It’s only when your thought-form about it has enough momentum that what you want will manifest in reality. So the more joy you feel when you think of what you want, the sooner it will manifest. Because then having it in reality needs only a small change of vibration to manifest; because you’ve already done most of the work of creating it and attracting it in your head. So this, and taking positive action in reality in the direction of your dreams, will draw what you want towards you like a magnet.

So how do we tend to get in the way of our Conscious Creation?

1: Lack of belief

To manifest what we want, our thoughts and feelings need to already match having what we want. The difficulty in our human nature is that our monkey brain tells us ‘I don’t have this, I have been wanting it for a long time and it’s not here yet. It’ll never come, I can’t make this attraction thing work for me’. And they are right because this doubting, negative thought-form means only the unwanted can manifest. You can’t just tell your logical head that the thing you want is already here. It’s a challenge to really feel passionately as if you have it already. So see below for where to start.

2: Not feeling good now and focusing attention on things we don’t want

People might know the theory but still choose to think often about the things they don’t want – their worries and concerns, rather than the things that make them happy. One way to get you started in changing your thought-forms is to choose to think more often about the things you already have that you are happy about and like. So appreciate and feel gratitude for the good things you already have, even if you can only think of small things to begin with. This starts a change in your vibration towards attracting more of what you appreciate in your life. Read more tips for attracting what you want in life in: Change your negatives to positives

3: Not enough momentum and joy in the dream

Manifesting your dreams

By consciously choosing to spend more time thinking about having your dream, and feeling the joy of having what you really want now, you change your vibration to match having it. Let’s use a flower to represent your dream. You visualise how it looks, how big it is, the colour, the shape, everything about it. So you can see the flower you want in your head. But the flower hasn’t come to you yet, so you know you haven’t completed the image in your head. You haven’t given enough momentum to the dream.

You need to visualise it more. See the flower again and make it bigger and add more detail – the perfume, the shape of the petals, the feel of it. The flower is different now, you feel passion, momentum and excitement about it in your head. Your monkey brain knows you can clearly see the finished flower in your head and you feel good about it, just very comfortable and happy about every aspect of it. So then the happy and comfortable feelings about the flower have been in your head and your vibration many times. It’s comfortable, not new, almost boring – it’s always there and you’re relaxed about it. Have a relaxed expectation – then it can manifest. From that point, the actual manifesting in reality is a small step.

4: Desperation

When you want a big thing very much, and want it desperately, and you feel dependent on having it for your happiness, it creates a problem because there is so much wanting but the reality of not having it creates a block in the momentum for manifesting. It’s like when a woman desperately wants a baby and she has tried for a long time but it doesn’t happen.

But then she starts not to expect it, she accepts there is no baby and stops thinking about it. She starts to think about other things she wants and starts to find joy and have excitement about other things. She is not thinking about a baby and then the baby comes when she’s no longer thinking about it. Then it happens, it manifests, because the block of the desperate wanting and trying to force it emotionally has gone.

Manifesting in a nutshell

So the key to manifesting your dream is to fully visualise having what you want in your head, feel excited and happy about it, be comfortable with it, but then LET GO, TRUST and RELAX. Don’t be impatient to see results, or try to force things emotionally. It can only manifest when you’re almost bored with it – when you’re accepting that your life will be fine whether you have it or not. When you’re also able to appreciate the other good things in your life that you already have.

Two Manifesting images to help you

Manifestation - conscious creationLIKE A CAKE: You’ve put in all the ingredients and mixed it well like making a sponge cake, so then you put it in the oven and trust that the heat of the oven will transform those ingredients into a finished cake. If you keep opening the oven to check if it’s done yet, you will ruin the cake.

Law of Attraction: manifestationLIKE A PLANT: It’s like planting your seedling of the flower you want. You plant it, water it and feed it but then you let go and allow it to grow. Because if you keep digging it up to check if it’s rooted yet, it won’t thrive and grow.


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