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Covid-19 help

Tools to help you deal with Covid-19 anxiety and stress

During this Coronavirus pandemic, we are clearly having to deal with new and varied challenges in addition to the normal stresses and frustrations of life. As well as the very real health fears and economic worries, there is the disruption of familiar routines; plus the trauma of physical separation from loved ones and our usual social support network. There are many unknowns and often conflicting guidance, leading to Covid-19 anxiety and stress. Isolation during lockdown and restrictions on our usual favourite activities can also intensify worries and frustration.

help for Covid-19 anxiety

If you are struggling to cope with your fears and emotions during these challenging times, I would like to help.

Conventional medicine doesn’t have any easy answers for Covid-19 anxiety and stress, other than taking anti-depressants or going on a waiting list for counselling. But it’s now, during this crisis, that assistance is needed to help people deal mentally and emotionally with these drastic changes to our lives.

How I will work with you to help with Covid-19 anxiety

I work in a variety of complementary ways. Firstly using healing to balance your energy field and clear your body’s energetic pathways of any blocks. This will help increase the flow of your life force energy for greater wellbeing. It helps to relieve the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. Secondly, I will help you understand how the mind gets stuck in patterns of fear, worry and negative thinking; and how this then leads to a vicious circle of greater stress and tension. I will give tips and tools to help you break this pattern. I will show you how to adopt instead simple techniques to boost your mood and help you find your path to greater peace and contentment.

In cases involving deeper trauma, and when there is a history of stress and anxiety, BLAST and OldPain2go can help. These therapies communicate with the unconscious mind in different ways to help clear emotional blocks and old trauma. The uncertainties of the current Covid-19 pandemic may also be triggering older, deep-rooted fears. These techniques can help to remove them.

Help for NHS staff and other key workers

I am offering a 50% discount on all therapies to NHS staff and other key workers.

If you work in the NHS, you are likely to feel mentally and emotionally exhausted at present. In these challenging times there are many additional pressures, both in the work environment and in your personal life. You might also be finding it hard to provide the same degree of care and attention you would normally give. You may have trouble switching off at night and getting the replenishing sleep you so badly need.

I can give tools and techniques to help with this. Combined with the sound healing described below, I can help you to give your ‘monkey mind’ permission to switch off at night. I can help you to break the vicious circle of anxiety and stress.

Distance Healing for Covid-19 anxiety in the comfort of your own home

Energy healing works well by distance or remote healing. So it lends itself very well to these Covid-19 times when we must stay at home. Everything on earth is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, ourselves and even the ground beneath our feet. We are all interconnected at this energy level. When I intend to send healing to you, healing energy flows directly to you, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

I can use a photograph to connect to your energy, but I prefer to work with you over Skype, Zoom or similar. It helps to get to know you a little. This also enables us to talk about your Covid-19 anxiety and other things that are troubling you. If we can get to the root of your anxieties, I can suggest tools which will help clear them. More about Distance Healing

Free Sound Healing included

I also offer sound healing during the distance healing session at no extra charge. This helps to physicalise the faster vibrational healing energy at your end. You hear it with your ears, but every cell of your body also resonates with the sound at a deeper level. I will send you a recording of the sound healing to listen to afterwards. Then each time you do this, healing flows to you. The best time to listen is at night before sleeping, so you go into your night’s sleep in that deeply replenishing healing vibration, rather than focussing on Covid-19 anxiety.

Christina Cherry Sound Healing Bedfordshire
Free sound healing recording with distance healing

Gaining strength from the challenges of Covid-19

“It’s not what happens, it’s how you react to what happens that determines the quality of your life” Wayne Dyer

Challenging times can be a great opportunity for growth, both personal and collective. There have been wonderful examples of positivity, kindness, generosity and support for other members of our communities. When you allow yourself to face your fears, process them differently and then release them, you develop inner strength and resilience. More so than if you had never experienced the challenge.

Help with anxiety from Covid-19

It’s an opportunity to learn and develop a broader range of tools to cope with whatever life brings you. You can learn to deal with things in a more positive way. You can train your mind to focus more on the things that make you happy, rather than being weighed down by negativity and worry. Then you will start to attract more positive experiences into your life. Covid-19 may even become a catalyst for you to transform your life. To start to take charge of how you feel, rather than feeling a victim of circumstances.

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