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intersection of ley lines at Stonehenge, energy flow lines of earth, electromagnetic influence
intersection of ley lines at Stonehenge, energy flow lines of earth, electromagnetic influence

What Ley Lines really are

You may have heard of ley lines – how some people dowse to locate them, how churches are often located along ley lines. Maybe you know that many people believe the energy is particularly powerful where ley lines cross. But what is the reality? Is there a scientific reason for them to exist? And what role do they play for the earth and its inhabitants?

Ley lines are the energy flow lines of the earth. You can think of ley lines of the Earth (or any planet) like you would think of meridians for the body. The intersection of ley lines are like the chakras.  Animals (including man) are aware of the energy flow of ley lines – they can feel the pull. 


ley lines intersect at the Great pyramid

Migration routes use ley lines. The trade routes created by ancient societies follow ley lines.  At most of the points on Earth where many ley lines intersect there is a significant monument or ‘spiritual meeting place’ to mark these energetic vortices. For example, the Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat. This also applies to more recently built cathedrals, churches and mosques. 

Ancient peoples would follow the ley lines to get to the spiritual meeting place at a certain point in the year that they could all easily track. For example the solstices. There were no watches or calendars in those days.  The meet ups were socially important to the cohesion necessary to live in peace with other tribes. They were also important to spread the gene pool. Otherwise inbreeding would have been an issue.   


It is interesting that Ley is an Anglo-Saxon word. There are many UK villages and towns at ley intersections that have ley in their names. Leyland in Lancashire, Dudley in West Midlands, Crawley in West Sussex, Darley in Yorkshire, Didley in Herefordshire… bored yet?


Ley lines are the result of complex cause-effect interrelationships that occur at many different levels on the Earth. They also influence each other.  This is very similar to the complex cause-effect interrelationships that cause our weather explained below.

Firstly, at a macro level, Earth’s orbit around the sun and its rotation on a tilted axis cause some parts of Earth to receive more solar radiation than others. This uneven heating produces global circulation patterns – ie weather fronts.  These global wind patterns drive large bodies of air called air masses. Air masses are thousands of feet thick and extend across large areas of the Earth.

Secondly, at a local level, the location over which an air mass forms will determine its characteristics. For example, air over the tropical ocean becomes very hot and humid. Air over a high latitude continent becomes cold and dry. That’s what creates the different global wind patterns and weather fronts.


Just like Earth’s weather systems, ley lines are driven by complex cause-effect interrelationships.

Firstly, at a macro level, Earth’s orbit and rotation on a tilted axis cause some parts of Earth to be closer to sun – which has a massive electromagnetic influence, the moon and various planets which have a lesser electromagnetic influence.

ley lines of earth

Secondly, at a local level, the energetic flow of ley lines will be drawn to run firstly in line with underground streams – the directions of which are influenced by faults/fissures and different rock formations. Secondly they will run according to magnetic currents. These are influenced by changes in magnetism of the earth’s core as it orbits and feels the pull of the sun and other planets.


To a lesser extent local vortices also influence the energetic flow, or ley lines. These are the sum of the electromagnetic energy fields that each life-form in the vicinity is putting out. 

Some regions have weaker vortices, some stronger.  Fault lines offer the least resistance, so local ley lines will run along fault lines.  Just as the electromagnetic pull of the moon has a big impact on our weather and drives the daily/seasonal tides, so it also has a big impact on the energy flow of ley lines. For example, faster flow at the same point in the season as high tides.   So hopefully you’ve got the idea now that there isn’t one thing (eg geological) that impacts ley lines. Rather they’re influenced by the interactions of many different forces, just like the weather systems on Earth are.


Where ley lines intersect they interfere with each other, forming a strong local vortex at the point of intersection. What’s more, the more ley lines that intersect, the faster the flow and the wider the amplitude (more interference) of the energy.  The more powerful the intersections, the more that humans and animals feel them. Those who work with healing energy may feel them more. This is because they have developed a greater sensibility to the energies and tuned their focus to them.


Ley lines and vortices are likely to be stronger in areas where the people are more spiritual. Often they are the countries where meditation is a common practice in the East. This also applies to areas that have experienced extreme difficulty in the past, but have been able to pivot their energy and outlook back to the positive. This is the case in Cambodia and Vietnam, where the energies are strong and fast. When I first arrived in Cambodia, I could feel it so strongly it was like I had had a few gins! And when we flew back from Laos to Vietnam, I could feel that change of energy in the airport in Vietnam. It made me quite queasy and I had to sit on the airport floor as there were no chairs available!

I have also felt the changing energies as we travelled to different parts of India. There are many different energy vortices in India and there are palpable differences for those who can feel energies. That’s because India is so large with greatly varying geography, the population is huge and mostly very spiritual. What’s more it’s a country that has experienced extreme difficulties in the past, but the population has remained largely positive and spiritually connected. This energy of overcoming difficulties with positivity drives the energy vortices faster.


People who have learned to tune in to energies may feel the differences very physically and strongly when they travel to other countries. This is because they have learned to sense and work with energies outside what we perceive with our 5 senses. But I believe this is what also affects many travellers when they first arrive somewhere new. They might put it down to jet lag, or Delhi belly, or a change of weather or drinking water. But my understanding is that what is really going on is often that their physical body is simply adjusting to a new energy field in that country.


bird migration follows ley lines

How is it that animals and birds can migrate by detecting the energy lines but most humans don’t detect them?  We do detect them. Just like we pick up on the energy when we walk into a room as very tense or very happy.  Even with an empty room based on the mood of the people who were previously in it. But we cannot intellectually understand why we felt tense or happy, and as a result we dismiss the feeling. 

Thousands of years of training ourselves to dismiss intuitive things has trained our monkey minds (limbic system) not to bother passing on the ‘useless noise’ to our conscious minds. Animals, however, regard intuitive things as highly useful, not noise.  There is no other reason – we’re equally capable of detecting them. Just like our ancestors used them for navigation and trade routes before we had maps. Just like ancient civilisations located their sacred monuments and meeting places where the ley lines intersect.


Everything on Earth is essentially energy vibrating at different speeds – some slower like a rock, some faster like a human. Non-physical beings, aka Inner Beings, flow their energy in wherever there are openings of stronger energy on earth. These are places such as Cambodia and Vietnam. Then it can get redistributed into the wider energetic matrix of the earth. This is to energetically ‘feed’ the lifeforms on earth – humans, animals and plants. (A small amount of the energy leaks out into the earth itself as the life-force energy cycles from the Inner Being, to the human, or other life-form, and back again.) The energy goes into the matrix and is redistributed according to wherever there is a matching ‘pull’ or need for the energy. The pull comes from many forces.

Energy from a vortex flows into and out of local ley lines. You can imagine ley lines like rivers. Some flow into the ‘lake’ and some flow out from the lake. The energy flows towards a stronger magnetic field.


ley lines follow earth contours

They aren’t.  People have used a ruler to draw a straight line on a map between two distant historical monuments. When they noticed that there are lots of other monuments and churches etc clustered along the line so they’ve called it a ley line.  But in truth ley lines aren’t straight. They meander left and right because physical constraints impact them – in the same way that rivers don’t run in a straight line to the sea.  Man has over-simplified reality by drawing a straight line, the reality is a wiggly line.


Frustratingly science cannot currently measure ley lines. Magnetometers cannot detect them. However research into the migration paths of birds and animals has shown a very high statistical correlation with the strongest ley line. This correlation is way too high to be coincidental. So it has frustrated scientists because they know it is due to an electromagnetic field but cannot currently measure it.  When quantum mechanics understands more about the Zero Point Field we’ll be able to measure it.

In the meantime, it’s fun and useful to practice tuning in to earth energies. It helps us learn to flex our intuitive muscles. When we learn to tune in to our intuitive guidance, then we are able to really tap in to that ‘gut feeling’ and use it to our benefit.  It’s the well of inner guidance from our own Inner Being. This is the non-physical spirit self that is our consciousness and the source of our life force.

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