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Therapeutic Indian Head Massage Bedfordshire

Testimonials Indian Head Massage

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“I had the most amazing Indian Head massage with shoulders, back and face this morning. Christina is very empathic knowing exactly the right pressure to use but still checking that everything is comfortable as it progresses. The knots that were in my neck and shoulders are gone. I felt really relaxed but energised as well. Thank you so much once again Christina.” Linda Ferguson, Potton

“I recently had a wonderful Indian head massage from Christina. It was a truly comprehensive treatment incorporating back, neck, shoulder and then facial massage. Christina always makes you feel so comfortable and I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to the next one!” Katie Charter, Potton, Bedfordshire

“I had a fantastic Indian head massage from Christina. It gave me so much energy and that night I slept so well. Thank you Christina xxx” Jackie Noakes, Potton, Bedfordshire

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