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Testimonials Access Bars. Access Consciousness Reviews

Access Bars benefits described by clients

The Bars helping with stress, past emotional trauma and autoimmune disorder

“Something happened after our last Access Bars session. All the events we discussed that might trigger me, I don’t feel attached to now. I am aware of them but they are like a memory that comes and goes. I don’t re-live them or have any desire to focus on them. I have noticed so many positive changes. This has been like a circle of one improvement leading to another and another. Almost like the better I feel, the better I get.

Pain-wise things are not perfect but my use of pain relief is down. With a less cluttered mind I can see that stressors definitely trigger pain and I find removing myself (where possible) helps a lot. I have definitely been able to do more.  I’ve been motivated to clear out a lot of clutter. I think the thing that has allowed me to move forward is the huge reduction in mind clutter.

Sleeping is no longer an issue. No more nights watching the clock and overthinking things. Things that once bothered me I rarely think of. If they do pop up, I can acknowledge the thought and let it go without any attachment. I feel things are better than they have been for some time, I am improved and moving in the right direction. Thank you for all your help and insightfulness. The lady who was ‘stuck’ and anxious a few months ago is off abroad tomorrow and has just booked another 5 week trip.” Sharon W, St Neots.

Clearing mental clutter & emotional blocks

“As the day progressed after the Access Bars, I felt I can only describe as like the files in my brain had been cleared, like a de-frag on a computer  I felt very calm, easy, reasonable etc. The next evening I was very emotional and cried more than I have in a while. It felt like we unblocked something. I have thought a lot about the issues that came up. I had a minor breakthrough with one issue the following morning. I felt so much more relaxed and freer because of the treatment, but still have a little way to go I think.

I’m trying to remove myself from negative thought patterns too. Because I am a counsellor and I am constantly taking in others’ emotions, I think having this treatment has been very beneficial to me, it has made me feel looked after and nourished and I am very keen on having the next treatment. I am a Bars convert and thank you for giving me such a personal treatment I really appreciate it.” Samantha, Bedfordshire

Dealing with stress better

“I’m very glad I came for the Bars session last week as I’ve had the week from hell and I really don’t think I would have managed if I hadn’t had the healing first. Instead I felt I coped with the difficult events very well. I was more aware of my thoughts and was not letting my head run away with me after the Bars.” Sam Naylor, Weston, Hertfordshire

Access Bars benefits mental clarity

“The Bars was very relaxing. When you were working on my head, I felt energy moving in my coccyx area. When you hands were behind my ears, it felt very hot. At the end I felt a gentle tightening in my head. I had a headache when I arrived, but it felt better at the end. The issues I had with the right side of my body felt better afterwards. My head felt lighter and the back of my head felt clearer. At one point I saw something on a screen go blank.”  Valerie Cunin-Tischler, Cambridgeshire

“After the Bars session was finished, I could still feel tingling above my crown chakra and around the back of my head. My sinuses felt very clear afterwards and my head felt really clear. My tiredness had gone and my brain felt empty but ‘with it’. After you had touched the points in the centre of my palms, I could feel the tingling sensation carrying on there afterwards.” Jackie Noakes, Potton, Bedfordshire

“After my Access Bars healing session with Christina yesterday I felt a lot clearer in my mind and more positive today. I slept really well. Thank you. Shebear Hollier,  Stevenage

“I found Access Bars with Christina very relaxing and helpful in gaining immediate clarity at a time when I was suffering mental overload.” Clare Palgrave, Ross-on-Wye

General Access Bars Benefits

“Thank you for your wonderful Access Bars Healing this afternoon and also to my lovely daughter for arranging it. As a fibromyalgia sufferer I am open to any help available and would totally recommend Christina. She has also helped me a great deal with tips to change my thinking in a more positive direction.” Shelagh Darrington, Potton

“I had a session of Access Bars, which, combined with sound healing, gently released blocks in my subconscious patterning.  Christina’s therapy room is comfortable and private. I found her to have a highly compassionate and professional approach.” Carol Fenner, St Neots, Cambridgeshire