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It is amazing what you have done for me. I can remember everything that happened to me at that time. But I am no longer ashamed or frightened anymore. I will book in with you again as soon as we are allowed. Thank you so much you have been my light at the end of a very dark tunnel.S Stevens, Sandy, Bedfordshire

“Healing and blast therapy with this gentle soul was lovely. Very calming, tranquil almost and uplifting. Feels like something has shifted but not sure what it is, a feeling of peace after each treatment. The murky stuff Christina lifted from blast has revealed the good stuff underneath. From the bottom of my heart Christina I thank you beautiful soul, you have managed to place me into my old self and my truest self, which was being hidden by the muck. Safe to say I can allow myself to be vulnerable and walls are down.” Lovill Henry, London, Google Review (

“I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work remotely via webcam with Christina. I’m a therapist in York and I’ve had several sessions with Christina to help with a number of issues, including a bereavement from 37 years ago. Both Christina and myself are Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioners. Her help has been invaluable and I really recommend her whole heartedly. She has a great set of skills and an amazing caring nature. Let her help you feel the way you would like to feel, especially around matters of past events.” Darren Housley, Clinical Hypnotherapist, York, North Yorkshire

BLAST testimonials for help with bereavement

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Congratulations Christina, the Blast session with you had an amazing and almost immediate affect on my deep depression and grief which I realise I’ve been suffering with since February this year. Now I’m back to feeling ‘normal’, my mood is lifted and I’m constantly singing & dancing around the house. I didn’t think that would happen again. Thank you so much for giving me back my normal.” Carole Cooper, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire

“I can highly recommend Christina Cherry. My Blast session has really helped me release and let go of emotions I hadn’t realised I was still carrying regarding a bereavement many years ago. The gentle and caring way Christina worked was very effective in helping me verbalise the emotions and triggers. I certainly feel much “lighter” now and at peace with myself.” Linda Ferguson, Sandy, Bedfordshire

BLAST reviews for stress and anxiety help

“I had BLAST therapy from Christina recently over Skype when I was feeling very stressed. I was struggling to cope with thinking about too many things at once and felt like I didn’t have control over my emotions. The techniques Christina used during the session really helped me work through this. It left me feeling much calmer with a clearer mind right after the session and subsequently. Would definitely recommend Christina and BLAST online sessions.” Thomas B, Lancashire

“The BLAST process was brilliant. I felt really good afterwards, and actually I’ve been feeling surprisingly calm throughout this strange time (Covid-19).” Caroline W, Cambridge

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