Christina Cherry Healing


Testimonials Access Bars & Indian Head Massage

“I had a lovely relaxing Indian head massage today, which included a back, neck, shoulder hand, arm and facial massage, followed by an Access Bars Healing session, something new for me. The only way I can describe the Access Bars session is as a way to empty out all those unwanted busy thoughts we hold onto. I felt my head being tipped to one side, and then literally empty itself, once empty it was replaced with a bright beam of white light. The same thing happened when my head was tipped to the opposite side. Very calming and relaxing experience, which I would recommend to anyone, especially if feeling stressed or anxious. Thank you Christina.” Josie Thompson, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Access Bars & Indian Head Massage

“What an amazing session of Access Bars combined with Indian head massage! I highly recommend the treatments and Christina to anyone, especially if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Thanks Christina! See you next month” Sam Rook, Biggleswade

If anyone is looking for healing massage, go to Christina Cherry Healing. Wow is all I can say – an hour and a half ago I went in feeling very sad. I have just left having had Indian head massage and then Access Consciousness Bars and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted X thank you Christina your gift is amazing” Tracy Dorrington, Potton, Bedfordshire

Access Bars & Indian Head Massage to boost your mood

“I’ve had a lovely couple of sessions with Christina. An amazing healing tones session when I was feeling a bit unbalanced and a lovely Indian Head Massage and Access Bars that left me literally feeling like I was floating. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Lyn Parsons, Dunstable

“Thanks for the excellent Indian Head Massage and Access Bars healing last week. I have been singing a lot to boost my mood as you suggested – mainly in the carI am not only feeling lighter and calmer but am seeing opportunities and exciting changes open up for me that I didn’t think possible. So thank you for your insights and advice!!”  Julie B, Cambridge