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Testimonials Distance Healing with Sound Healing (via Skype)

Physical Healing

“I had a series of significant health issues in my 60s, including several serious bacterial infections. Tests discovered an immune dysfunction and a protein abnormality in my blood and bone marrow, which caused problems in my lower legs and feet. Though my conditions had stabilized, I wasn’t getting better. So I asked Christina for three sessions of Distance Healing with Sound.

I had been plagued by dizziness and balance issues, both while standing. Immediately after the first session the dizziness disappeared and has not returned. I had persistent swelling in my left ankle due to two unrelated surgeries over a period of 4 years, one to remove a piece of nerve for biopsy. After the second session I suddenly realized that the swelling was almost entirely gone, and has remained that way.

I experienced a variety of sensations in various parts of my body during the sessions, as well as an awareness of coloured light around my eyes and forehead and touches on the top of my head.  During the third session I felt a couple of sudden jolts and a sense of lightness in my legs. I have since noticed an improvement in my balance and a slight improvement in sensation in my legs and feet. As the nerve damage was caused by deposits of a certain protein, I am optimistic that improvements will continue as time goes on.

In addition to the physical benefits I have felt, it is clear to me that Christina is an accomplished healer, and I have been impressed by her compassion, the amount of energy she invests in her sessions, and the fact that she imparts a sense of positivity which has helped me take a more optimistic view towards the future.” Bruce Bladon, Cochrane, Canada

Experiences during distance healing

After session 1: “Thanks Christina, I listened to the recording last night and slept amazingly well. I feel happier and seem to be more positive.”

After session 2: “Fabulous healing. Much more happened this session. It started in the head or around the crown chakra, and so much work around the groin and root chakra. I have honestly never felt that type of healing before. It then seemed to go to left side and heart area. I also felt the presence of someone. I think it was a lovely lady I worked with many years ago. It was almost like she was next to me. It was a wonderful healing. Thanks so much for your work. I’ve had a definite shift as far as clarity goes. Never felt the root chakra worked on like that.” Gregory Burke, Victoria, Australia

“I had a remote healing session with healing sound from Christina. What an experience that was. At the beginning of the session I felt my body was very heavy, but gradually I felt something inside of me starting to lift. Every so often I could smell a very strong smell of incense and different smells. At one point my whole body felt really cold although the room was very warm. A knot in my stomach felt as if it was gradually being untied. I felt waves under my body and the strangest thing was I felt the waves were moving my body towards a bright light. My whole body felt tingly. I would definitely recommend this healing a very powerful and enjoyable experience.Amanda Gerletti, Sussex

Emotional release

“Thank you very much for the distance healing with sound. It was definitely very powerful and clearing. A lot of deep pain came out, I had a really big cry, and the peace and joy was so welcome and the feeling of not being alone. I felt strong grounding, seeing energy going from my feet. A lot of pain came out, and I was aware of my Nana and Granda at one point, and a lovely peaceful memory of them. I was also aware of Archangel Michael. There were a few times where I felt very cleaned – very peaceful indeed. Further on in the healing, I had a very strong, ‘big’ feeling around my shoulders.

Overall, it was just so wonderful to have that healing presence with me, that so much that was very painful left, to see and feel the light I really am. Thank you very much indeed for your presence and the healing. It was definitely intense, and I know it has done me powerful good. Thank you.  I’ve listened to the tones (your voice is really pure and sweet!) and felt really good… felt the powerful energy (especially in my heart), happy, a lot of strong presence and being in a very contained positive place, very beyond ‘stuff’.”  CF, North Yorkshire

Responses to Healing Tones

“Christina has helped me with her unique voice toning/Language of Light healing over Skype. Her flexible choices of therapy should be of benefit for all types of ailments. Christina has helped me with a short term digestive disorder and a long term, deep rooted problem with self-worth issues following life relationship challenges. It is enabling me to now move forward positively with all areas of my life. I have met a lot of people and had a lot of healing in my 25 odd years inner journey and how Christina and her guides can help is very rare and special in this world. Many thanks Christina.” Melvyn Huggins, Finedon, Northamptonshire

“Today I had a distant healing from Christina and I have to say it was truly amazing! I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner but I have never felt anything that made me feel so alive. The tones heightened the sensations. I smiled broadly many times as I anticipated various tones that felt so familiar. If you are looking for a unique, powerful and enjoyable experience contact Christina. I am still tingling. Thank you Christina.” Peter Roovers, Essex

Testimonials Distance Healing – Physical Healing experiences

“I enjoyed all 3 remote Reconnective Healing sessions. Pains I had on my lower back and the bottom of my feet are gone. During the sessions I experienced various sensations such as my head, hands, feet moving uncontrollably; heat from my hands and feet; veins been pulled on the palm of my hands; a warm, golden orb surrounding my chest permeating through to my back, hot and cold chills. What was spectacular for me was on my third session my body shook at a really fast speed I felt like I was a golden light, did not want it to end.  I loved my healing sessions. I will recommend you to more people.” Virginia M, London

“After just one distance healing session, a large painful lump on my foot has shrunk dramatically in less than 12 hours! For more than a year, the ball of my left foot had a hard painful lump the size of a golf ball.  After a CT Scan and Xrays, the doctor referred me to a specialist foot doctor. Since the healing session yesterday, I’ve been going up and down stairs, climbing my step ladder, doing laundry and unpacking boxes etc and my foot hasn’t hurt all day!  I have had TONS of energy, whereas last week I was very sluggish, not sleeping well and having weird dreams.  While talking to my mother on the phone last night, I looked down at my left foot and realized that the golf ball-sized bump had decreased to a tiny bump the size of a wasp bite! Thank you so much!!” CL, Calgary

For a child

“Thank you for the distance Reconnective Healing sessions you did for myself and my eight year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. During her sessions she felt warmth in her body and her muscles were jumping. After the sessions she got more strength in her legs and could bring her feet down flat when walking with assistance, though her right foot is not perfect yet. She has also had more energy. When I had my own session I had been irritated for some days and was low on energy.  When you began the session I felt a wave of positive energy and joy, and my negative mood switched to positive again.”  NR and ER, Denmark  See More Testimonials for Distance Healing with children (including Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

Help with arthritis

“I have suffered with back pain for years and after a fall on the ice the pain became even worse.  After just three distance Reconnective Healing sessions with Christina the pain completely disappeared and four weeks on I am still pain free. The first time I actually misunderstood, thinking that the session would take an hour, while in fact Christina was sending me healing for half an hour – I wondered why I had only felt sensations during the first 30 minutes! I had had an ear problem for a while and I felt a bubbling in my ears.  My hip, where I have bad arthritis, became very hot and I also felt heat in another part of my body where I recently had a problem.

The third distance healing session was the strangest it has ever been.  Although I did have some localised feelings in parts of my body at the start – my right hip and right side of my neck and throat – the main thing was the sensations throughout my body.  First of all I felt warmness in my lower back and it spread throughout my body, very similar to when I had an epidural.  Then 10 minutes before the end I was shaking all over, like shivering but I was not cold.

The heat sensation lasted until the end of the session.  Since I started the 3 distance healing sessions with Christina, my general well being is certainly better. The pain from my arthritis has been non-existent. My ears have certainly improved.  My digestive system is certainly better, though I have also been on medication for this.” David Parkins, Preston, UK

Testimonials Distance Healing – Emotional & Spiritual Healing experiences

“I felt breathless, then very refreshed, then things went very deep. I felt that a lot was being cleaned out of me. This has been going on long term but this time it felt like it was in order to spare me from having to go through more. Then I felt deliberate recovery/calming, which was great. It felt like there were 3 very clear ‘sections’ to the healing. As soon as the half hour completed, I went to sleep for 20 minutes. Been ‘percolating’ and feeling very relieved that I had so much clearing.” C McF, Middlesborough

“I’m trying to figure out how to explain all the things that happened during the distance healing. My left hand started to shake even before the session began. My hand was moving/shaking really fast and than my right hand started to shake too. After a while my head started to move from side to side. It felt like going to an Osteopath or Chiropractor, but at the same time it felt like something I’ve never experienced before. My feet felt warm and cold at the same time.

It was like this source of energy worked through my whole body. My legs were also shaking. My body was moving in a way that I’ve never known before. So it felt like someone else was moving my body, but at the same time not. It’s just so hard to explain. I also felt the “energy” or “source” in my face, shoulders, back, stomach. Sometimes nothing happened, and I just relaxed, and after a short while it started to happen again. I have to say this has been a really exciting experience. I’m so grateful that you were able to help me.”  Ellen S, Risor, Norway

Inner strength

Testimonials Distance Healing with Sound Healing“My distance healing session with you has helped me release a long-standing behavioural pattern that has been causing me difficulties for many years.  My problem has always been that I let other people’s plans override my own and then felt resentful about it.  Ever since that session, I have been working to overcome this issue and achieving it, and it feels so good Christina!!!  I’m not sure how it all works, but through you, I now finally can see what I have to do and I am actually doing it!  I think before, I kind of knew what I needed to do, but I really needed a push in the right direction.  

About 5 minutes after I laid down, I had a wonderful feeling of optimism and happy thoughts and great ideas.   It was very nice.  Then all the thoughts left me (quite suddenly) and I looked at the clock and saw that the session had just ended. When it finished I felt very energetic. But then as the day went on, I became more annoyed with myself and other people. This was the catalyst for me to break this pattern of sacrificing my needs for the wishes of others. It was as if through your healing, I was given the strength and direction to finally do what is best for me and not always do what everyone else wanted me to do, whether it was good for me or not. So thank you so much!  You really do have an amazing gift.”  GY, Calgary, Canada

Healing for others

“Guess what Christina? Yesterday I worked on a friend for the first time and she felt the healing! I have already felt this many times since the distance healing sessions with you when I hold my hands around my children’s heads. They all told me they felt heat, and some tickling feeling. I asked my friend to put her hand between mine. I felt the energy in my hands, but would she? She made big eyes and said loudly:  IT’S COLD! AHHH!!  My fingers are moving….!!!  I was so happy. Smiled over all my face!!

I asked her if she would like me to try healing for 30 minutes on her. She was a bit afraid, and was sceptical. But then she let me. WOW! I could feel the energy in my hands and arms all the time. It felt different on different places on her body –  strongest at her head and over her stomach. Both she and I laughed often, because we were so excited! Her head felt big, her chest in the air, stomach bubbling, legs aching. Like her neck was being twisted first to one side then the other and she felt tall. She felt as if she had something heavy on her and her mouth was dry. WOW!!! I’m so happy that I can channel this energy after just reading the book and having 3 distance Reconnective Healing sessions with you.” Susanna Isaakson, Sweden

Some experiences during remote healing

“Just wanted to share my experience of the session of Reconnective distance healing that you sent me.  As I shut my eyes, golden light surrounded me, and could see golden energy everywhere! My body went quite cold, my toe twitched, as did my arm. Then I passed into the most beautiful, deep slumber.  I woke up 20 minutes after you had completed the healing. My breasts have been extremely sensitive and achy ever since I became pre-menopausal, last December. I am so happy to tell you that I can’t even remember the discomfort today. I definitely attribute it to your healing! The angels definitely guided you to me…. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy and healing powers!” Shama Collington, Angel Healer & Medium, Blandford Forum 

Thank you for our Distance Reconnective Healing session yesterday. I could feel when the session began, I felt the energy build in intensity during the session. Then I felt when it ended. I experienced lots of energetic phenomena during the session, including:

  • Tingling sensations throughout my body  
  • Alterations in my breathing pattern
  • Cold wind, particularly on my forehead
  • Altered states of awareness
  • Feelings of bodily expansion
  • Peaceful feelings
  • A feeling of a very tangible energy that felt familiar yet new to me.

I feel this session was of immense benefit to me.” Alison Heaney, Darlington, UK

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