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Head Energy Alignment

Spiritual Activation to speed up your vibrationWhat is the Head Energy Alignment (HEA)?

This is a spiritual activation to clear the energy pathways through your head – for better health and to build a greater connection to your inner, spiritual self. It works by activating specific head meridians and energy points. The head is a key part of the body’s overall energy ‘infrastructure’. By clearing and speeding up the energy flow here, it speeds up your overall energy vibration. Moreover, it allows more of the life force energy from your Inner Being to flow in. Your Inner Being is the non-physical part of you, your core inner self, soul essence or higher self. It’s the bit of every one of us that flows our life force energy for the duration of our lives and earth. It’s the part of us that goes on forever – that we flow back into when we die.

I combine this activation with harmonic sound, which enhances the process and enables more of the faster vibrational energy to flow to you. You also have the advantage of being able to listen to the recording from the session again afterwards, to help strengthen the benefits and ‘fix’ the process.

How can you best prepare for having the Head Energy Alignment?

It’s recommended to have at least one Turquoise Healing Tones session first, preferably about 2 weeks before the HEA. This starts to clear your energy in preparation for the activation and starts to build a connection between you and this energy. It’s also important to get yourself in a positive place before the HEA session. This is because the alignment builds on your current Emotional Set Point. This is the median, or average, of your daily emotional highs and lows. Your Emotional Set Point is what determines your overall energy vibration. When you come for the initial healing session, I will give you tools to do this.

What are you likely to feel during the Head Energy Alignment?

It’s different for everyone and people report a wide variety of sensations and images including:

  • heat or coolness
  • changes in pressure or tingling
  • blocked energy clearing
  • a wonderful sensation of energy flow during and immediately afterwards

Changes people notice after the Head Energy Alignment

As it clears energy pathways it may also bring healing, but the main focus is spiritual growth and greater connection to spiritual self. It’s different for everybody but clients have reported:

  • more energy
  • increased intuition
  • health improvements
  • greater awareness of the ‘bigger picture’
  • a closer connection to their core non-physical self
  • feeling more positive
  • sleeping better
  • feeling more at peace
  • letting go of long term sadness

What’s the difference between the Tonal Alignment and the Head Energy Alignment?

Energy meridiansThe Tonal Alignment is a longer, 2 part process which works on the whole body. The energy is the same for both processes.  The HEA, however, is a shorter, one session process focusing just on the head. The HEA a good introduction to this energy and clears the congested energy in the area of the body where the fastest energy can flow. It’s a great preparation for those who want to go on to have the Tonal Alignment later, but is also very effective as a stand-alone process.

Cost of the Head Energy Alignment – £55

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