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change your negatives to positives

by Christina Cherry

Change your negatives to positives

Each night before sleeping, think of 5 things that have happened that day that you have liked. Do it regularly and soon you will be thinking of 10 things that day that you have liked. To do it before you sleep is important as it means you go into sleep in a positive vibration. Continue reading

What is a Spirit Guide and how does a drawing help?

26/04/2016 by | 4 Comments

What is a Spirit Guide?

Christina Cherry Art Angelic Spirit GuideMy understanding is that all Spirit Guides are representations of our own Inner Being or Core Self. This is the much vaster part of us in spirit that is our true essence and life force. The Inner Being chooses to show itself with a particular physical image to get us to pay attention. It wants us to work with the guide to deepen our connection to the Inner Being itself so we can have better communication and guidance. When our Inner Being speaks to us in our heads, it sounds very much like our own thoughts so it can be quite difficult to discern the difference. The Inner Being can give us a visual image or a particular feeling, or even smell, to make us aware of the guide. Then when the guide gives us a message, we are much more likely to pay attention.

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